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Bio Free thinker, question everything, what do You think? Union College, USF.. Author, #resist.#cureHD. #AnybodyBlue NO DMS!๐ŸŒŠFB @joncoopertweets @JeffreyGuterman
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Twitter Web App : Bill Pelotte In May 2016 when Mnunchin joined the trump campaign, Rachel Maddow did a thorough examination of Indymac Bank and Mnuchin's role as he and his partners threw tens of thousands of people out of their homes while making hundreds of millions for themselves.โ€ฆ

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Just finished watching Steve Mnuchin on MTP.

Now,.....I try to find something redeeming in everyone..

BUT,.....THIS GUY,.......not so much....Can't.

A glass of Skim Milk has more Personality.

Twitter Web App : Hello #Resisters, Everyone needs to unite and get to together, thank you to everyone who marched this weekend, we are here to make a change not only in our Government but our Planet, Humanity and Salvation of life itself is on the line.๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’” STOP poisoning our planet and our minds

Twitter Web App : Bill Pelotte So sad. Some people think they can make up for substance and human kindness through money and appearance.

Twitter Web App : Think about all those promises and predictions that are made from the RIGHT about climate, jobs, scientists, race, laws, etc...

They all either don't materialize they way presented, or have the exact opposite impact.

Twitter Web App : Is there any Republican in Congress, DOJ, or WH that was elected post Trump, OR appointed and confirmed since Trump...that is NOT corrupt or enabling him?

I'm not talking about the ones who've switched parties as they are NO longer Republicans.

I'll hold for names...

Twitter Web App : #ResistanceFamily,

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