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Bio Milo’s Mum. The Female Farage. Angry Ellen de Generes. The Biggest Bitch in Britain. katie@katiehopkins.co.uk
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Twitter Web App : Witness the biggest love story of this generation. Presenting the trailer of #PalPalDilKePaas: bit.ly/PalPalDilKePaa…

iPhone : India is breaking through its chrysalis, to emerge a greater country, to be one with the nations leading the world. The transition will be painful, it will irk us, but in the end it would all have been worth it. Just wait

Android : #Terror Inc. #Pakistan. Minister in Imran Khan govt proudly shares the stage with an internationally designated terrorist. Pak cocks a snook at the FATF. Brazen state sponsor of terror. And not even ashamed of it. Will Pak be on #FATF blacklist come October?

Android : हार हो जाती है जब मान लिया जाता है
जीत तब होती है जब ठान लिया जाता है

TweetDeck : #RashtraKiBaat : मोदी जी ने जिस तरह बालाकोट किया, 370 हटाया, तीन तलाक खत्म किए वैसे ही PoK को भी देश में मिलाएंगे : Anila Singh

देखिए Manak Gupta के साथ पूरा शो - youtube.com/watch?v=A3DS7F…

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iPhone : India’s Border Security Force (BSF) captures thermal imagery of Pakistan’s infiltration to attempt BAT action on 12-13 Sept in the Hajipir Sector of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Intruders engaged resulting in casualties on Pak side. Video proves Pak is epicenter of terrorism.

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iPhone : Exercise is not just running/going to gym. It has many forms.
Choose the one U enjoy the Most.
Look at this graceful Rajasthani Folk dancer.Her flawless mind & body coordination,flexibility,Core Strength & laser focus is testimony of super fitness. #FitBharat 🇮🇳💪
Narendra Modi

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Android : आज दिनांक 13 सप्टेंबर रोजी वाठोडा शुकलेश्वर येथील नदी पात्रात वाहून गेलेल्या व्यक्तींच्या शोधमोहिमेसाठी खासदार नवनीत रवि राणा या घटनास्थळी उपस्थित राहून बचाव पथकाला आवश्यक सूचना देऊन बचावकार्य वेगाने करण्यासाठी प्रशासनाचे मनोबल वाढविले

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iPhone : Greta’s handlers are trying too hard. Ignore this petulant child. theguardian.com/environment/20…

Twitter Web App : So my campaign .Labour Leave got slapped with a £9,000 fine for an admin error on a form. Remain campaign actually breaks the law and gets fined £1800. Proportionality? Fairness? #CamapigntoAbolishtheElectoralCommission twitter.com/guidofawkes/st…

iPhone : Even the Green Party’s MP thinks that the Lib Dems’ position on Brexit is too extreme! #LibDemConf twitter.com/carolinelucas/…

iPhone : Donald J. Trump One of their former Audience Strategy Editors might shed some light as to why this happens

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iPhone : Are you or someone you know a #Veteran of the #ArmedForces and have recently returned to civilian life and are having a tough time? Call Josh on WhenHub Interface. He has been where you are and wants to help. ow.ly/ICp530pth7t #LifeAfterMilitary #RememberingVeterans

iPhone : This wasn’t a joke. They really want to appeal. Not sure who’s advising the NMF, but they really should consider firing them. twitter.com/ernstroets/sta…

iPhone : Is this not intimidation SANTACO???
I was in the drivers seat!!! My family was NOT safe!!!! Your people threatened my family. This is completely unacceptable. I will NEVER pull over for people forcing me that are not law enforcement. You have ZERO jurisdiction over me. NEVER!!

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Twitter Web App : | #InalleErnst - Podsend |

In die openingsepisode van die In alle Ernst-podsending kyk Conscious Caracal 🇿🇦 na die wêreld rondom ons en verduidelik waarom dit dalk nie so mal en chaoties is as wat dit partykeer voorkom nie.

Luister aanlyn by inalleernst.co.za.

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SocialFlow : Oil price drops more than 6% as Saudis rush to fix two major facilities hit by drone strikes trib.al/YLywQxv

iPhone : #Haringey
BREAKING: A 46 year old woman has been shot in #Tottenham.

Her condition is currently unknown.

Met Police say they were called to Lordship Lane, #N22 at 9.50pm on Tuesday night. The victim was found suffering gunshot injuries.

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Android : हिंदी महान है:--

छू लो तो - चरण
अड़ा दो तो - टांग
धँस जाए तो तो - पैर
आगे बढ़ाना हो तो - कदम
राह में चिन्ह छोड़े तो - पद
प्रभु के हो तो - पाद
बाप की हो तो - लात
गधे की पड़े तो - दुलत्ती
घुंगरू बांध तो - पग
खाने के लिए - टंगड़ी
खेलने के लिए - लंगडी

अंग्रेजी मे सिर्फ- LEG..!😊

iPhone : 📺 | Drunk Brussels bureaucrats boast about keeping Britain tied to the European Union for another five years, at least!

These parasites need taking down a peg or two. RT to show up the Brussels bully boys for what they really are! 👊

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Android : Can we get a follow beautiful people?
We really need your guys support on our new campaign 🙏.
We would really appreciate it guys, specially if you are against bike thieves & stolen bikes...

Android : The abortion industry has:

Cut organs out of living babies

Trafficked baby body parts

Killed babies on the basis of sex & ethnicity

Kept 1000s of aborted babies as trophies

Killed 60,000,000 children since 1973

This is our nations greatest human rights abuse

Android : Arvind Kejriwal Sir, Outer Delhi area Kanjhawala, bawana, Ladpur have been neglected for years by Congress and BJP. We had very high hopes from APP but seems you are doing the same.Huge problem of public transport, damaged road and no good school or college. Pls do something.

Android : Why Do We Engage In This Charade⁉️ Rep. Matt Gaetz

They HATE This President More Than They LOVE This Country

Good Line #Lewandowski But DemocRATS NEVER Loved This Country

And Always HATED Patriots Like Donald J. Trump


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Android : Mom wanted to wish Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. So I started recording the message. It is only when she said “आने तो दे” I realised she is expecting him to come on the phone and do a FaceTime with her. She is innocently hilarious. Happy Birthday Sir.🙏🙏😍 #DulariRocks

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