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LaterMedia : Focus your attention on the intention with which you use a desire.

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Android : The Creator elicits our attention to Him, and the right reaction lies in the common prayer when we turn to him together. Without seeking to sort out our differences, together we turn to the Force, the Root Cause, from which all of this stems. This is called "prayer of the public"

Android : All the defects that we feel elicit their own corrections. Every good phenomenon is always a product of an evil one that preceded it. The correlation between them is not measured by our states, but by their common aim.
Baal HaSulam, The Peace

LaterMedia : Only the intensity and the quality of the portion of Light that influences the person determines his entire essence.

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#Spiritual #Spirituality #Education #Kabbalah #Meaningoflife

Android : The most important thing is unity of friends.
It brings about emancipation from all obstacles and problems.
Unity eliminates all problems, everything becomes immersed in tranquility and fortune.
True unity corrects everything!
Maor ve Shemesh, Dvarim

Android : Yesterday my students came from all over Israel for a special evening of connection, with great food, a live performance of Baal HaSulam melodies, along with quotes from the sources and a workshop about what it means to be united as one. Enjoy the photos!

Android : #Humanity became global, but it's unable to integrate this format with its narrow egoism. This is the cause for degradation of all activity by people and countries, inability to acknowledge & solve problems. After all, global issues cannot be solved in a narrow nationalistic way.

Android : The energy we draw in Kabbalah is the energy at the foundation of nature. This energy is everywhere. It is the energy of our connection, the quality of bestowal existing in nature. #nature #energy #Kabbalah

Android : Through the wisdom of Kabbalah, we draw a special kind of energy that formats our desire so it wants to start being inside the other, to bestow to the other, fulfill the other, to be connected with everyone. #Kabbalah

Android : The wisdom of Kabbalah is a method of attaining the soul, i.e. a change of intention upon the desire to be in a state of bestowal and love outside of itself. #Kabbalah #soul #love

Android : The soul is a special condition of the desire. In order for the desire to be called "soul" it has to be in a state of bestowal and love outside of itself. #soul #soulfulsunday #soulfulsundays

Android : Love means that I constantly develop the desire toward the loved one and that sustains my love. Then I can be filled with it forever. This yearning, this passion, is called the "reflected light" in the wisdom of Kabbalah. #love #spirituality #Kabbalah

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LaterMedia : Kabbalah teaches us that while the world is often imperfect and broken, we have a shared responsibility to fix it.

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Android : There is a spiritual path, but it's not done by an individual, because spirituality isn't built that way. The idea of the egoistic achievement of the individual attaining spirituality is all about the ego and the essence of where we want to get to is opposite to that. #spiritual

LaterMedia : LIVE Q&A Event with Tony Kosinec!

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Android : Why is spirituality hidden from our normal perception? It's because we play out this story of the individual hero moving along a path and achieving Godliness, revelation of the higher force, the Creator. #spirituality #sundaythoughts #Kabbalah

Android : Spirituality is a complete integration into the whole system of nature, the higher system of nature that's hidden from our normal perception. #spirituality #sundaythoughts #nature