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Twitter Web Client : I have been accused of threatening to wipe out the opposition. Truth is, they are in danger of wiping out themselves because of miscalculation & leaving the NRM to offer solutions to all problems. As long as they oppose what Ugandans see as beneficial, they cause their own defeat

Twitter Web Client : We also take issue at times with motive and message of these gatherings.
We will not accept political actors who purport to use constitutional means to engage when actually they have another leg in unconstitutional arrangements. That we shall not allow.

Twitter Web Client : To address issues raised by Honourables Nobert Mao and Asuman Basalirwa; freedom to associate, we have no problem. What we take issue with is politicians assembling in markets and disrupting peoples businesses.

Twitter Web Client : We were colonized because of incompetence and bankruptcy of our chiefs. They wore lion skins, and other regalia but could not defend their continent against external aggression. Politics therefore should be about survival and destiny of our people.

Twitter Web Client : Prosperity & Strategic security of our people are some of the key things that drove me into politics. We must ask the question; how can our people prosper? Leaders must attend to the issue of their peoples prosperity, irrespective of the number of transitions a country has.

Twitter Web Client : I do not understand how people purporting to be democrats can refuse to dialogue. If you express desire for leadership then qualify it with whom to talk or not talk to, you betray that mandate. It explains why even while fighting, I got time to talk to the Okellos in Nairobi

Twitter Web Client : Attended the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) Summit at Speke Resort, Munyonyo. The grouping is for parties with representation in Parliament. Dialogue is the beginning of democracy and I am glad to be at this function. I always welcome any opportunity for dialogue.

Twitter Web Client : Also, we have about Shs54 billion uncollected from corrupt officials even when court has ordered so. I am directing that this money is recovered immediately. I will also demand answers on why this has not been done yet.

Twitter Web Client : We are going to study the law to ensure we confiscate wealth acquired through corruption. It will be amended to effect this. I am also convening a meeting with the Speaker and the Chief Justice to address concerns of corruption in their institutions.

Twitter Web Client : In this new campaign, we are basically stoking the fire. You can report cases of corruption to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit on 0800202500. Lt Col Nakalema is my watching post on this. She will keep me posted and pursue cases of corruption with the other agencies.

Twitter Web Client : With the new anti-corruption campaign I am launching, if government money is stolen, these are the people I will come for. These corrupt people should also know that we have many young educated Ugandans. We shall easily replace them. They can no longer blackmail us.

Twitter Web Client : The first three we dealt with quickly. We are still dealing with the others. Embezzlement is largely done by the accounting officers; the permanent secretaries, chief administrative officers, gombolola chiefs and town clerks

Twitter Web Client : By 1986, we had seven major problems associated with corruption; extra judicial killings by the army, extortion at roadblocks by soldiers, poaching in national parks, wetland encroachment, embezzlement of public funds, bribery and nepotism.

Twitter Web Client : Today, I joined Ugandans in marking the International Anti-Corruption Day at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala. I later officially commissioned the State House Anti-Corruption Unit to be led by Lt Col Edith Nakalema.

Android : All in all, we shall defeat corruption. Like I said, I will make major pronouncements on December 10th in our new fight against graft. I urge Ugandans to listen in.