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Android : ITV London Media pressure determining Police priorities?? I'd rather they investigate paedophilia, terrorism, murder, rape..... or the theft of a bar of chocolate from the corner shop

Android : Susanna Reid please do remind Piers Morgan that he called Jo Brand disgusting when he accessed poor Millie Dowler's voicemail, allowing her family to think she was still alive. He disgusts me. How would you feel if it was your child?

Android : Leave.EU BBCRadio4) 's Twitter Profile">BBC Radio 4 BBC Jeeeeeez can we not say anything anymore? What the hell is happening to Britain??? I thought we were a tolerant nation but now I think we're overcrowded by PC do gooders

Android : Nicki Chapman All the luck in the world to you Nicki - take it slow and just do what you need to do. Don't worry about anything else, it will all still be there when you're ready xx

Android : spungoldtv LOVED the full monty ladies night!! Fabulous tv. Where did the ladies suits come from?? They looked amazing!! Thank you for making important life changing tv

Android : #theallnewmontyladiesnight Fan-bloody-tastic to you all ladies. So inspirational. You all looked amazing. And where did you get those HOT suits?????? Loved them