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Hootsuite Inc. : Nobody cares what Medvedev or anyone else wants or where they go. There cannot be a number two guy in a dictatorship because then he’s a threat. Putin needs a balanced field of nobodies and he has one.…

Hootsuite Inc. : Garry Kasparov I hear from a good source that the new law will allow Putin to continue to rule as long as he does so while shirtless and sitting on Medvedev's shoulders.

Hootsuite Inc. : I once heard Garry Kasparov say: “in chess, the rules stay the same & the result changes. In Russian politics, the rules change & the results stay the same”.

Hootsuite Inc. : As Putin continues down this path of open dictatorship and flouting international law, he needs individual foreign leaders as allies even more. He’ll be desperate to keep Trump in the White House this year.

TweetDeck : While Trump’s instincts are incoherent and illogical, they are not entirely random. Highly trained Trumpologists are able to spot patterns just as zoologists do when they study primate behavior.

Here are 7 of his key impulses. In Washington Post Opinions:

TweetDeck : Garry Kasparov Supreme Leader Putin, as you wrote here in the NYT, Nov 6 2007, before the launch of Putins Operation Medvedev, that much of the Western media (and even some Russian opposition figures) fell for.…

TweetDeck : Western media talking about "changes" and "what it all means" in Russia is a joke. It's a mafia dictatorship with Putin in charge—with prime minister Medvedev, Mishustin, or Putin's horse.

TweetDeck : This lip service to the rule of law also gives free world leaders a feeble excuse not to treat Putin like the brutal dictator he is. To do pipeline business, launder his oligarchs' money, etc. It shows how much such approval & access matters to both sides.

TweetDeck : That Putin, like other dictators, still props up a facade of democracy and the constitution shows he sees and fears the people. It gives people something to talk about & deflects attention from the only person in real power for 20 years.

TweetDeck : Dictatorships require the illusion of total control and predictability. Putin wants to make sure there are no doubts as to who's in charge through 2024 and beyond. As I wrote years ago, he wants to be Supreme Leader, not a mere president.

TweetDeck : Stop asking about the new dance Putin's Kremlin puppet show is performing. His intent to be dictator for life was clear over a decade ago and the only way he'll leave power is in a box, just like his idol Stalin.

TweetDeck : "Ending technical support for #Windows7 leaves machines vulnerable to #cyberattacks that seek to exploit unpatched flaws. We will continue to fully support Avast antivirus products for at least 2 years," says Martin Zima, Martin Zima, senior product manager.

TweetDeck : "If this horror is not ended soon, the entire world must ask: Should China be allowed to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in one city while running concentration camps in another?" #StandUp4HumanRights

TweetDeck : “Big-D Democrats should support #Iran’s small-D democrats even while continuing to criticize Trump’s incoherent Iran policy.
We should be vocal not because of who our enemies are, but because of who we are.” - Max Boot on #IranProtests2020…

TweetDeck : As late as is it, it's good to have more evidence that Putin's regime was and is based on criminality. He wasn't "cleaning up the town" as the myth goes. He was robbing anyone who wouldn't cooperate with him & his gang.…

TweetDeck : Important: EU human rights court says the Russian Yukos trial of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev was unfair from the start. Won't declare it politically motivated, but of course it was also a robbery, with Putin's cronies looting & dismembering the company.

TweetDeck : I didn't see Western coverage that Evgeny Prigozhin, "Putin's chef" under US sanctions for election interference, freely visited Germany, probably on pipeline business. Then Merkel praised Russian intervention in Libya from Moscow! Pathetic.