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iPhone : We are being played.

Anyone who thinks this is such a great deal read this from a BBC journo 🔽

If we lose a clean break to Brexit fatigue we will not be forgiven.

Barnier is a crafty fox. There is a reason Macron and co are chuffed! twitter.com/markurban01/st…

iPhone : “We are discussing whether the British people are to be allowed to elect those who make the laws under which they are governed. The argument is nothing to do with whether we get more maternity leave from Madame Papandreou [an EU commisioner] than from Madame Thatcher” — Tony Benn

iPhone : Most workers' rights we enjoy today came through the UK parliament, often following campaigns by trade unions. Many such rights in the UK - e.g. annual, maternity and parental leave - are superior to the EU minimum.

These things should not be outsourced to unelected bureaucrats.

iPhone : Watch Boris Johnson tell the DUP in 2018 he would never put border in the Irish Sea - today he put a border in the Irish Sea. newsletter.co.uk/news/politics/…

iPhone : Varadkar has just said the deal on Northern Ireland could become permanent.


Northern Ireland was always their price for Brexit and Boris has duly obliged.

Always the EU’s plan!

Twitter for iPad : BBC The View very balanced tonight. 4 Remainers. No Leavers. Former NI21 candidate Tina McKenzie masquerading as a neutral business rep & SF surrogate Patricia MacBride masquerading as a neutral ‘commentator’.

iPhone : The DUP says Boris Johnsons Brexit deal drives a coach and horses through the Good Friday Agreement bbc.in/32kM3Se

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iPhone : While some followers may be, understandably, disappointed that the Bruges Group is opposed to the PM's Brexit Deal, the decision was taken only after careful consideration of the legal text of the proposed deal.

iPhone : So an unelected, retiring bureaucrat says: No extension, take this new treaty or just leave.

He is overriding the Benn Act. The EU shows itself to be a thuggocracy - power without accountability.

Appalling people.

Twitter for iPad : Lots of talk about not jeopardising the Good Friday Agreement but whether u agree with it or not last night’s draft deal looks like the most significant attempt to re-write Stormont’s rules since 2006 St Andrews Agreement

Twitter for iPad : 124 cross-party MPs are calling on Barclays Bank CEO to reverse the banks decision to end free cash withdrawal services from the Post Office.

The cash crisis facing our communities must end — banks must start taking their responsibility to elderly & vulnerable customers seriously.

iPhone : Seems the Uk Government has not thought through the repercussions of driving a coach and horses through the Belfast agreement twitter.com/nigeldoddsdup/…

Twitter for iPad : Pleased to join crossparty traitors on a day trip to Brussels to collude with our EU colleagues that we need to ensure we have time to disenfranchise 17.4 million British People and spit in the face of British democracy. twitter.com/CarolineLucas/…