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Bio Urban fantasy and romance author of more than twenty books. Avid reader, gym rat, lover of heavy music, and aspiring foodie.
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Her ex is a psychopath, seeking revenge. She's falling for his enemy. And she's the last Arcane witch, destined to return magic to the modern world. pic.twitter.com/LHwWyIAaIC

Twitter Web App : "We don't mark up books!"

"I'm fixing them"

"Fairy tales?"

"Full of weepy princesses, rightful kings, handsome princes & evil #queens. I'm changing them"


"Weepy princes, evil princesses, handsome kings & rightful queens"

She smiles at her daughter. "I approve"

Twitter Web App : Her eyes, though faded with age, still sparkle when I walk in. Her Mother’s smile welcomes me, and I know that in all the world, she is the one who will always be happy to see me. I kiss her wrinkled forhead, stroke her soft, white hair. She is the #queen of my heart. #vss365

Twitter Web App : Elephant Journal, Review by Todd Mayville,
One of the best books Ive read this year.

BUDDHAS WIFE - Yasodhara

📚 tinyurl.com/zyrpsjt 📚

#Buddha #son #Yasodhara #romance #India
#women #family #history #tw4rw Robert Reed

Twitter Web App : At the town square, sitting under the saman, a #boy asks if I need my shoes shined.

He readies his dirty rag and polish paste. I wonder who his parents are, what troubles he’s faced.

Sitting under an old tree on a Sunday afternoon, I learned to count my blessings.


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Twitter Web App : It's well known (except in the U.S), the #mythos of the stripey oss, at the place where you cross.
#Vss365 #zebracrossing

Twitter Web App : Words flew out of his sneer.
#Tunnel people!”
An ochre wad of spit landed square in the centre of an ant hill at my feet. The swarm marched toward him.
“Karma,” I whispered as I raised my eyes, in time to see his horror. #vss365 #WritingCommunity

Twitter Web App : If there were a #tunnel that I could glide through,
I’d search the world, the universe,
until it brought me back to you.
At the end, within the light,
I’d see your face once more,
and everything would be in place,
just like it was before.

Twitter Web App : Mia whizzed through space on her dragonfly, zooming past planets and shooting stars. The Orb Of Light held the last remnants of kindness, and it had to be #reached before darkness swallowed the universe. Mia pushed up her pajama sleeve and grasped the delicate glass. #vss365

Twitter Web App : I escaped the red bones
Of blood thirsty #fury
Ran out from shadow
Stars shone down upon me
Pains washed away
By the love of tomorrow
Sailing on the moon
Smiling down with intentions.

Twitter Web App : At the bottom of my childhood garden is a #tunnel. Long overgrown now & filled in with wild flowers & earth. He made it for me, an escape route so I could hide at his house when my parents were smashing plates. He told me I would be safe with him. He made a cell for me. #vss365

Twitter Web App : Will sat on his grandpa's knee and snuggled in.

Want to learn a #trick? Pops asked. Something kids nowadays don't know how to do?

Will nodded.

Ok. Close your eyes. Make yourself tiny as a flea. Good. Now we're going to jump into this book and go on an adventure.


Twitter Web App : The house shook as the door slammed & dreams shattered. Angry thoughts became unspeakable rage. Faces red, spittle flying, clenched fists of #fury. Arguments regurgitated, accusations slammed, tears gushing. The truth was simple. I was a blue ladybug; he needed a red one. #vss365

Twitter Web App : Your new friends taught you a party trick: how to tear the universe in two with your bare hands.

"Watch," you said.

You pinched the air between us and ripped. We floated into separate dimensions.

And that's the story of how I got dumped by my high school sweetheart.


Twitter Web App : She isn’t famous like her sister, Christine, but Johnny takes her out every Sunday afternoon for long drives in the country, turns up the radio, sings to her, calls her baby, and tells her she’s hip. This ’58 Fury can pop the clutch like no other model, and he knows it.

Twitter Web App : I learned to read
My girlfriend’s mind
And slip inside her dreams

She dreamed
Of me in armor—
A hero, it would seem

Til she caught me
With my sexy
Next door neighbor—Jean

Now her dreams
Picture me
Trapped in prison scenes

Looking sick
Turning #tricks
For my bunky—Gene
#vss365 pic.twitter.com/n1VYuOw0G7

Twitter Web App : ‘The underground of the city is like what’s underground in people. Beneath the surface, it’s boiling with monsters’ Guillermo Del Toro

12th July #prompt


#vss365 #tunnel