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Bio Urban fantasy and romance author of more than twenty books. Avid reader, gym rat, lover of heavy music, and aspiring foodie.
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Twitter Web Client : She ran a calloused hand over the #bolt of fabric & imagined curtains for her home, a dress for her little girl.
"Hands off," a sales woman shouted. "Or I'm calling the police."
She fought back tears as she took her daughter's hand in her own & went home to the streets. #vss365

Twitter Web Client : I am the bolt
Of lightening
Striking jolt
So frightening

I am the you
You are the me
‘Tis true
Time to set us free

I am the light
No longer out there
Be brave & write to fight
Soar Freebird from shame’s lair

I am the We
Collective voice
Dare to be
& Rejoice

#vss365 #vss365a

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Twitter Web Client : They say
A storm is coming
I close & #bolt the door

A wind roars like
10 steam engines—
Weird is next in store

The twister bends
Time & space
It spirits me away

When I land
An evil wizard
Forces me to stay

This is all so alien
Oz isn’t like
They say
#vss365 #SciFiFri

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Twitter Web Client : A few seats down, River spotted a cute girl in a baggy sweatshirt, and #midnight blue hair tied up in a ponytail with a bright orange scrunchie.

The night glimmered with novel possibilities: Raptors winning and a future romance with the goddess dressed in 80’s flair. #vss365a

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Twitter Web Client : “MI5 NOBODY MOVE.”

“He’s er... he’s running away sir.”

“Blasted carpenter. Quick, get after him Haskins.”

“Wait a minute, I thought this was a drugs den we were busting.”

“It is.”

“So why’d you call him a carpenter?”

“Well he made a #bolt for the door, didn’t he?”


Twitter Web Client : Every day at #midnight I begin a new random day of my life. I never know how old I will be, or where in the world I'll appear. My memory is only of the days I've experienced.

While it's frustrating, it forces me to live for today, because any day could truly be my last.

Twitter Web Client : It’s #midnight, and something in my living room just moved.

I want to get up and look, but I heard footsteps coming up to my bedroom window and I don’t want to give any indication that I’m awake.

I live on the top floor, and there’s only one way onto my balcony.


Twitter Web Client : I’ve a pest
Think you
Can help me stop

After #midnight
Your dragon
Crashed my Shop

Pretty sure
He’s yours
Becuz he comes
If I call “Bert”

I tried
To toss him out
But he looked
So sad & hurt

Please bring a leash
& kind word
I may have been
Too curt

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Twitter Web Client : They call her Midnight. Hair black as. Boots black as. Layers of clothing Stevie Nicks’d dig, all black as midnight.

Sits in her cubical quietly doing her work till it’s time to go home.

“She’s filled with darkness.”

They never see her hot pink PJs and bunny slippers.

Twitter Web Client : Icarus
my dear son,
you're flying too close
to that loaded gun.
Streets, drugs, cash.
Sure, it all seems fun.
Deal gone bad.
Now you're on the run.
Your wax won't last long.
Please, my dear son,
fly away home.

Shot down
Clock strikes



Twitter Web Client : The devil duels at midnight
His opponents cannot see
His laughter echoes ‘cross the dark
But he’s never battled me
For my hand is steady
And my draw is quick
My bullets are heat-seeking
With holy water in their tips


Twitter Web Client : The #midnight hour passed with no eyes-meet-across-the-room insta-love.
Shel lifted her dress and hurried down the stairs alone, back to her cold, attic bedroom. No prince appeared to save her, but she could still hear the lovely music, playing on repeat in her memory. #vss365

Twitter Web Client : The wildest #ruse ever played, poisons us to believe in our unworthiness & unlovability.
Yet, blazing star power lives in us all,
& a vital place exists for each person.
Dispel the trickery.
Love lies in the stark, beating-heart now.
Own it & step into your true lovely. #vss365a

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Twitter Web Client : Velvet dreams
flashing thru the mind
sparkles and screams
on each kind
furtive vats
raising fears
rushing black cats
cringe on your ears
you won't look pristine
spell expires after wine
#midnight last sin
only your heart will shine

#writingcommunity #poem #story #writer

Twitter Web Client : When I was a little girl my mother gave me a horse for my birthday, conjured from words and faded pictures in yellowing story books. I named her #Midnight, and together we wrote her a home in the sky, a stable made of moonbeams and polished starlight.

#vss365a #vss365
250Fic 227

Twitter Web Client : At the stroke of #midnight, the main character crept from under the pages of the manuscript and tiptoed across the desk. He lifted the agent’s letter and read it in the moonlight, then snuck back into the pages. Moments later, hoots and hollers filled the air. #vss365a #vss365

Twitter Web Client : A fancy house and a car in the driveway that cost more than the house he grew up in.
It's all a #ruse, a long con. When he's done, he'll actually be able to afford all the trappings of his game, but he won't want them. He'll escape to an island, live in a hut. #vss365

Twitter Web Client : She stared at her reflection. Long mahogany locks, black licorice eyes. She ran her fingers across her face and now, ice blond tresses, turquoise eyes. Which #ruse would she use? She brushed her fire-red mane and stepped into the hot Louisiana night. #vss365a #vss365