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Bio Imperfect follower of Jesus and really imperfect mother to two amazing human beings. Biggest fan of @GIFFTwines.com. Godwhosees.com
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iPhone : Kathie Lee Gifford Hi Kathie Lee,
Have a great day!
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iPhone : (God’s people) won’t give much thought to their brief lives because God keeps them occupied with the joy in their hearts. Ecclesiastes 5:20 Father, fill us all today with the JOY OF YOUR SALVATION🙏🏻

iPhone : This little girl recalls the moment her heart fell in love with her adoptive parents. ❤️

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iPhone : BKM We lost our little boy on Pentecost this year. Stillbirth. My heart is with you. As the weeks go by the pain will lessen its grip from your soul & eventually be a sweet remembrance. My prayers. 🌻

iPhone : BKM My friend, I wish I could relieve you of your grief. Yet, you've lost someone you loved at too early an age. May you sense Jesus walking with you in your sorrow. May you have peace.

iPhone : What are we inviting people to? Are we inviting people to a long list of do’s and don’ts? Are we telling people about Jesus so we can weigh them down with a God that is never pleased with us? No no no! We are inviting people to freedom from condemnation, death, and bondage✝️

iPhone : Don’t miss this movement. We have a lot of music for you. It starts with #DontYouForget!

iPhone : The art of thoughtful positioning is gone. Rather than choose truth, ethics or morality, we default to side with a party or politician. We double down — or worse — remain silent when devotion is questioned.

This is wrong. Immoral. Inappropriate. Truth should be our North Star.

iPhone : The best compliment I have received as an author is when a man said he could tell I’m a Christian by reading the Bernie books. Thank you Kathie Lee Gifford for being an example of how to let His Light shine #BeKind💜 #TheBernieMission