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Bio 10yrs Ambulance Service | EMSO | Dispatch Officer | Yr2 BSc Uni Student Paramedic - An honest account of life as a Spara & the struggle for those red epaulettes
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iPhone : So I’ve made up a poster & photo cushion from Tesco Decorated with pictures of happier times & smiles that reach mine & my little boys ears for real

It might not be the same but least he can snuggle into the cushion & be reminded that this will pass,& it will & he can come home

iPhone : When you realise you haven’t had a hug in almost 2 weeks 😳

Yeah that 😔

We took all our hugs for granted

It sucks doesn’t it 😞

#Covid_19 #SocialDistancing #lovedones #missed #hugs

iPhone : It was always written in the stars it seems🤔

My mum went & digged out this old chestnut from the family album🙈

From being a little girl I had my heart set on the #NHS & here I am, giving my all for it #destiny #COVID19

iPhone : After tonight’s show of support for one another with #clapforthecarers I’m emotionally ruined yet spurred on

I want my little boy home, & he can’t come home until I know it’s safe & his mummy is out of harms way🚑
So let’s craic on folks, we’ve all got a job to do💪🏻 #covid19UK

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iPhone : I for one will be stood on my doorstep at 8pm clapping for our #NHS staff, for the carers, & the loved ones separated, to those volunteering, from #team999 & the shop workers. To all those who care in making a difference & stand united in this fight👏🏻#clapforourcarers #covid19UK twitter.com/neambulance/st…

iPhone : On my day off,in the midst of this nightmare,I’m to be found trying to ensure I still graduate as a Paramedic🥴

Boris Johnson #StayHomeSaveLives if u wouldn’t mind cancelling all my assignments till this blows over Cheers, & let me get on with what I’ve been trained to do & look after the public🙋🏼‍♀️

iPhone : Hard decisions & sacrifices are being made all over the world. Today I made one of my own😞

After not seeing my little boy Harry for over a wk, I’ve told his dad to keep him away, safe in the country for the foreseeable. It’s breaking my actual heart😞

So now I work...lots🚑

iPhone : Tired......literally came in and collapsed 🥴

It’s been a very strange & tiring day 🤔
We’re all mentally prepared yet at the same time have no idea what we’re facing. I take strength from the fact that we’re all in it together
#calmbeforethestorm #eerie #TheNorth #Covid_19

iPhone : CAT1 🚑 signed on & ready to go

1st of 4 for the weekend.....let’s get involved 😬

Stay safe & look after each other 🙋🏼‍♀️
#ambulance #crew #signedon #ready #covid19UK #NorthEast #Northumberland #NHS #frontline