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"timeless totem"

..not spend
a minute
for days
of an

#FSMPY #poetry #micropoem #philosophy #amwriting #vss365 #totem

Twitter Web App : It hangs on my wall ever since you gave it to me. It talks to me, not in words, but in dreams & I know that I'm with you when it does.
I remember the reason why you gave it to me was to have a reality other than the one that separates us. Yes, your totem works.

Twitter Web App : This continental drift
a portent of the end
as cliffs erode into no man's land

miles of blue consumes
my lungs slowly fill with salt
am I drowning, maybe
but it's a serene death

floating lost in translation
the beauty of the ocean
a totem of salvation for the broken.


Twitter Web App : I would walk to this #totem
To this perfect tree
My guiding principle to find
Then raise my arms to the sky in praise and grateful thanks.


Twitter Web App : From a distance he saw the #totem pole. He had been travelling across barren lands for days with nothing but his horse and his hat to his name. He should have felt relieved to find, at last, some sign of humanity, instead his fears grew as he heard the Chinook approach... #vss365

Twitter Web App : when an elephant trumpets its arrival as one's totem it's time to seek harmony in the herd; still, I don't forget odds spat upon the calf who dared to be simply she...thwarted by sisterhood—whose matriarch failed to set apart the ill of one from the good of t'other.

Twitter Web App : The family was matriarchal that's for sure. Strong women with wide 'come to bed' eyes ruled with wit and intelligence.

It was easy for the Narcissist to blend in. She soon stole power, changed the #totem to a spider, and spun a web of deceit to keep her safe.


Twitter Web App : #vss365a #vss365

We knew that a #totem pole was a carved



Too late we learnt that its symbols meant "Private Property. Keep out. Danger of death." The cliff edge came as a total surprise.

Twitter Web App : Staring at the #totem
Planted in preparation
I breathe whispers
Prayers carried unto wind
So very far
As the night
Begins to weep

Wishing you were here
Wearing a bittersweet smile
I reach out skyward
Eye to eye
Catching your tears
One last time

#vss365 #vss365a

Twitter Web App : He couldn't move. Ropes bound him.

He was taller than them, by two even three feet. A group caucused to his right, a few glancing at him occasionally. They were so weak and tiny, he so strong. Surely they'd make him their #totem.

They made him their dinner. #vss365 #vss365a

Twitter Web App : Dad looks at all of us sitting round the campfire. Flickers or flames lick away his tears. Difficult to tell whether he's happy or melancholy Latter may be more what I find relatable.

His fingers trace carvings in the pole beside him. "This is our #totem," he says.


iPhone : In a castle
She sits,
Your queen,
Held high
Upon a pedestal
Of glorified
A totem
Of your kingdom,
Afraid to fall
From the mold
Of perfection,
She waves
To the crowd
With a mask
Of unending
The pain
Hollow eyes
Polished lips

iPhone : You took me for a spin
In your Morgan Plus 4
We drank Bollinger
From plastic flutes
And picnicked by the shore

You wore the hugest grin
And I, lace stockings sheer
‘Til we skinny dipped
In birthday suits
Oh what a #vintage year!

#vss365a #vss365

iPhone : Don't much care for new things. Was born in the wrong era. My house is brimming with #vintage pieces and even my car is an antique. The one of a kind 1950 Buick Roadmaster does have all of the latest technology. Even a Voodoo Priest wants his Twitter and Soundcloud. #vss365a

iPhone : MEMORY
It’s been 6 years since my sister was widowed. She now lives in a new house, has a new job, new partner and a new happiness. Most people can see she’s moved on. But what they can’t see is his wedding ring on a chain. She wears it as a #totem of her past lost life #vss365a

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iPhone : #vss365a #vss365
Sunday afternoon we swam in Tenkiller Lake and picnicked at the park. We drove back through Tahlequah.

This is the capital of the Cherokee.

That’s not very authentic.

How would you know that?

I’m from the Smokey Mountains; the Cherokee didn’t use totem poles.

iPhone : She found an inscribed gold band at her favorite #vintage shop and had to find its owner.

She’d posted pics on every site, and finally got a break.

“Come in,” he said, taking his late grandmother’s ring; one look in her eyes, and he knew someday she’d be wearing it.#vss365a