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iPhone : Shinqua looked out over the #skyline as she descended toward the #illusory earth below. Free-falling at a hundred miles an hour conflicted with her sanity as her body twisted in the expansive blue space.
This is it, she thought. The end of my existence.
#vss365 #bravewrite

iPhone : Far from me
beyond edge of sight
dotted the concrete
ornating the sky
an endless line
firm on the ground
against all gazes
proud of the build
filled with steel
reminded the journey
the civilization passed.
made us utter a name
better next to the sky
as #Skyline

iPhone : I look to the river rather than the #skyline
squint to see it through the dark trees
I don't believe time
progresses like day and night
but, if it exists,
flows like water.
Let's float on the river's surface
and listen to the wisdom
of 30-pound catfish,
50-pound carp.

iPhone : If you can't see the #skyline, draw in your mind, pull it in, stretch it out, hang your washing, name the birds that perch, the flowers that waltz underneath, the clouds that ride on by, there's blue up there & below, so much to sow, don't stop looking, find your skyline

iPhone : Every day she is there,
drawing her #skyline smile
from mountain to sea;

and she is
as comfortably
familiar as the horizon
and as desperately unobtainable.


iPhone : They knew they were nearly home, the broken toothed #skyline visible from the top of the hill. Dee broke into a run, others following quickly. Mutants rose from the grass: a well-planned ambush. Esh hid as best she could. So close, so close, yet so goddamn far. Fuckit! #vss365

iPhone : I searched the skyline but heard the screech echo throughout the worlds before I saw it.
"Hawk Of Time." I whispered in reverence.
It made a deep drop, landed in front of me, eyeing me up & down.
"So, you're our Chosen One", it said, "I'm honored."
"Not as honored as me."

iPhone : My eyes were drawn
By the dystopian pencils of endless bone
Acting without pay or direction
As staircases to the skyline
Where enemies of Jack and his wicked mother
Wait without the distorted sound of faith
For the hand of time
And the axe of unreasonable reason

iPhone : Opting a skyline
beyond that which
is common - she
is an instrument

Serves the paints
willingness to become
a cosmos in her room

Cats keep distance
yet get splattered
by masterpieces
flying by - abstracts
with a life of their own

#vss365 #poetry
about / #art by Girl Without A Face

iPhone : I'm here, watching at the Moon lifting from the ocean, peach rays of the sun surrendering to silver #skyline.
You're there. Are you watching the Earth, rising over the craters, blue green mixed with black?
Looking through your helmet.
I'm waving to you.
Wave back?

iPhone : Fading into the past.
Grey and white and black.
Searching for some lost piece.
Repair a broken self.
Wandering in a daze.
The night #skyline
Ever present.
Keeping watch.
It's eyes always open.


iPhone : As he crested the ridge he saw something inexplicable. An improbable skyline, mirrored in the indigo waters below.


But how? It wasn't supposed to be there. None of it was supposed to be there.

"Follow me."

She took his hand.

#vss365 #skyline #BraveWrite

iPhone : The #skyline is all wrong. Just as beautiful, in its own way: the same blue troughs between towering peaks. But size is an illusion. They're not tall, they're close. There are too many right angles. She misses the white of winter. It's time to go home.


iPhone : Morning after night I try to #shatter the poor life.
I crawling on success's rough veranda.only bruises on my knees I get.
Though giving up is not my thing I feel I have reached the #skyline of my efforts.
Tired of the bruises that are turning into wounds #vss365 #poetry #verse

iPhone : The #skyline was different here in the void. Plain grey buildings were outlined by a colorless sky. Even the people were drab, lifeless drones. When the Winter Queen led the Fae's return, they would restore what the humans ruined - once the humans were no more.


iPhone : Wet with dew of luminous night
Visions of future skylines
Climb with & through & from my dreams
Fifties neon renditions of a broken line to some when
Utopian gods with crafted love
Worshipped for their new released albums
I see & hear & know the line
Yet the truth evades

iPhone : What does the #skyline look like from your ivory tower?
Do you even know that you're teasing the gods?
While you're watching magpies, worrying whose coming to steal your suit.
I've got used to not looking for the sky,
But I wish I could get used to you not looking for me. #vss365

iPhone : Marcel looked at the #skyline as it was turning red. It was time to leave. At times they returned for seconds. It was not common, but being careful was how one remained safe. He did not want to underestimate the beasts. The waning moon did not make them weaker. #vss365