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SocialFlow : Venezuela’s undeserved and narrow election to the UN Human Rights Council is a slap in the face to the governments countless torture and murder victims as well as the millions who have fled the humanitarian disaster that the repressive government created.

SocialFlow : Brazilian Pres Bolsonaro's plans would violate the most basic rights and undermine the checks and balances of a democracy that are designed to prevent such abuse. Fortunately, Brazil's strong democratic institutions are fighting back.

SocialFlow : It Trump were working for Putin, he wouldn’t have done anything differently in northeastern Syria as he abandons the residents to the henchmen of Putin’s ally, Assad.

SocialFlow : A United Nations committee presses South Korea to update its sexuality education curriculum in schools to cover age-appropriate topics such as pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Otherwise it leaves young people in the dark.

SocialFlow : Time to impose strict limits on facial recognition technology before it becomes “normal” at the expense of our anonymity in public.

SocialFlow : Digitization and automation was supposed make social welfare programs more accessible and inclusive. But these technologies have been used in ways that “surveil, target, harass, and punish the poorest and most vulnerable people.

SocialFlow : Brazils Pres Bolsonaro has already:
1. Encouraged police killings.
2. Undermined torture prevention.
3. Promoted illegal logging in the Amazon.
4. Lambasted journalists and activists who criticize him.
But an election is not license to flout human rights.

SocialFlow : The tumultuous negotiating strategy of British PM Boris Johnson has obscured what could be quite serious human rights consequences of Brexit:

SocialFlow : Tunisias new president, Kais Saied, has troubling views on womens and LGBT rights, but theres no question he represents a clear and freely elected break with past corruption and power.

SocialFlow : Domestic violence is not a family matter. Its a serious crime. The Kazakhstan government should criminalize it as a stand-alone crime. It should also provide more shelters for survivors, more police training, and access to justice. New @HRW report:

SocialFlow : Moroccos king pardons a journalist who, in apparent retaliation of her independent voice, was sentenced to a year in prison for an abortion she says she never had. Now to repeal the law permitting such an outrage.

SocialFlow : A battle is underway for the political soul of Brazil, as Pres Bolsonaro pursues overtly anti-rights policies on police killings, torture, NGO freedom, and Amazon forest defenders, but Congress, the courts, and civil society push back. @HRW visits Brazil.

SocialFlow : Wow! China has been denying the magnitude of its detention of one million Uighur Muslims for forced indoctrination, but even Beijing now admits plans for 500,000 vocational training sessions each year between 2019 & 2021--its euphemism for the detention.

SocialFlow : Ahmed Mansoor is being unjustly imprisoned because of his human rights work, held in solitary confinement in deplorable conditions. Ahead of his 50th birthday on Tuesday, 135+ organizations worldwide call on the United Arab Emirates to release him.

SocialFlow : Today is the day the governments of the world must decide whether they really want the travesty of Nicolas Maduros highly repressive and corrupt dictatorship sitting on the UN Human Rights Council. A no vote is the only legitimate act.

SocialFlow : China threatens Uighur Muslims living in Europe: if you protest against the Chinese governments mass detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang for forced indoctrination, there will be consequences for your family members who still live in Xinjiang.

SocialFlow : As the Turkish people sour on Pres Erdogan’s autocratic rule, there’s nothing like a “Wag the Dog” war to rally support on the home front, even if it’s a human rights disaster for the people of northeastern Syria.

SocialFlow : On Tuesday, human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor will spend his 50th birthday alone in a United Arab Emirates prison serving a ten-year sentence for standing up for the rights of his people. He should be freed.

SocialFlow : Western governments pretend they support Egyptian Pres Sisi because he fights “terrorism.” Yet a typical “terrorist” was a doctor who led a peaceful protest for better conditions. Meanwhile, Sisi’s brutality is a gift for the real terrorist recruiters.