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SocialFlow : China won't even allow Uighur Muslims their history: this prominent Uighur historian who disappeared in 2017 has been confirmed jailed in Xinjiang for a book he published three years earlier.

SocialFlow : A complaint filed with the International Criminal Court charges German arms manufacturers and the government with aiding and abetting possible war crimes in Yemen by selling arms to the Saudi-led coalition that is committing them.

SocialFlow : History will harshly judge Aung San Suu Kyi for her defense of genocide before the International Court of Justice, say Rohingya Muslims, speaking of Myanmar army atrocities against them.

SocialFlow : The UK government has broken ranks with the United Nations and will keep funding “closed” camps for the Rohingya Muslims still inside Myanmar despite fears that doing so is entrenching “apartheid-like” conditions in the country.

SocialFlow : Qatar says it is compensating migrant workers who die building World Cup stadiums only when the death is work-related, but how does it know when the extreme heat contributes to so many (young) deaths. Many poor workers families are left with nothing.

SocialFlow : The clearest sign of the lack of integrity in Algeria's constrained election today is how few people want it other than the military establishment that it would cement in power.

SocialFlow : Former US intelligence operatives helped the United Arab Emirates spy on a wide range of targets including human rights activists, journalists and dissidents.

SocialFlow : "Given that, in 2018, Iran had the second-highest number of executions in the world, there are legitimate concerns that mass executions without the minimum due-process protections may be on the horizon" to suppress the large-scale anti-government protests.

SocialFlow : Chinas mass detention of Uighur Muslims was a major concern in Indonesia until the well funded Beijing propagandists got to work.

SocialFlow : In the Americas, it used to be that only retrograde, highly conservative Catholic countries would ban all abortions. Now Ohio is trying to do it.

SocialFlow : Trump plans to withhold federal funds from universities that dont combat anti-Semitism, raising the possibility that hell pressure them to suppress legitimate criticism of Israels discriminatory policies against Palestinians.

SocialFlow : China imprisoned at least 48 journalists in 2019, more than any other country, displacing Turkey as the most oppressive place for the profession-- @PressFreedom.

SocialFlow : The United Arab Emirates talks a good game on human rights. In reality, its record on speech and media freedoms is horrible. The Internet is tightly censored, blocking access to human rights information. Access is not only restricted but even criminalized.

SocialFlow : If China is really releasing Muslims from mass detention in Xinjiang rather than offerring the usual lies and obfuscation, why doesnt it let independent observers including from the United Nations in to see for themselves without restrictions?

SocialFlow : China sought World Bank funds to purchase facial recognition cameras and software, night-vision cameras, and other surveillance technology for schools in Xinjiang, where it is building a dystopian surveillance state. The bank says no funds were provided.

SocialFlow : Aung San Suu Kyi insists that Myanmar is prosecuting the people who were responsible for mass atrocities against Rohingya Muslims as she personally defends in court from genocide charges the generals who directed the slaughter.

SocialFlow : A Hong Kong democracy protester who fled the territory for safety says a group of masked Chinese men ambushed and chased him in an Australian city. “They were nearby my house and waiting for me. They knew my address, they knew where I was going to be."

SocialFlow : As Brazilian Pres Bolsonaro encourages the criminal networks that are burning down the Amazon rainforest and attacking forest defenders, France will bypass his government to work with individual Brazilian states to save the Amazon.

SocialFlow : The Indian government’s claim that a new citizenship bill aims to protect religious minorities rings hollow by excluding Ahmadiyya from Pakistan and Rohingya from Myanmar. It speaks of refuge and sanctuary but illegally discriminates on religious grounds.

SocialFlow : The Egyptian government of Pres Sisi takes no discernible action against the massive corruption exposed by this whistleblower but does now manage to sentence him to five years in prison in absentia for alleged tax evasion.