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Android : Yeah you know lebron like fuck that dude I got him a title and he blew a chance to take one gm and not get swept by the Warriors year before last lol. twitter.com/wojespn/status…

Android : I don't trust George Conway. I think he and Kellyanne are running a scam with the endgame being getting on the cable news gravy train.

Shit...the scam's worked for James Carville and Mary Matlin.

Android : No the fuck its not. Racist fucks showed themselves by allowing Trump to escort this black man out of the White House. The Obama's are living their life. This Black man saved America and racist fuckers repaid him by voting Trump even states that Obama save woth his stimulus money twitter.com/PostOpinions/s…

Android : President Obama spent 8 years speaking up. He warned us in 2016 and white folks still went ahead and chose the racist.

Black people are not here to perform free labor. Deal with the racists amongst yourselves and leave him alone to enjoy his retirement.


Android : Seriously, any white commentator that doesn’t understand by now that
- Trump is racist
- the GOP is racist
- and all their voters are pretty racist too
...is unqualified to do any kind of American political analysis

Android : White journalists and commentators, if you’re still surprised, incredulous, shocked, disturbed or disappointed in the unvarnished racism that Trump vomits regularly and the lack of response from Republicans — either officials or voters: QUIT YOUR JOBS

Android : He told y’all three god damn years ago what was up, but y’all spat in his face cause you didn’t want to be shamed and we could afford to lose an election and now we got concentration camps and rapist in the courts, but he should come back and save us......fuck putt here twitter.com/hawaiidelilah/…

Android : No really, a lot of us have never approached any of this stuff like it should be a polite argument re marginal tax rates. twitter.com/jysexton/statu…

Android : white ppl voted for a racist
Some liberal white folks were all 'revolution' when marginalized folks were yelling about the danger of Trump
Media helped Trump

Now you want the Black POTUS to save you from the monster you created. Y'all have got some nerve