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Sprinklr Publishing : DEVIN:) Thanks for your lovely shout-out, Devin! Glad to hear you're all set to enjoy your Keurig coffee :-). #BrewTheLove

Sprinklr Publishing : Pumpkin Coffee + Chai Latte Keurig Cup = Fall Deliciousness #officelife #coffeetime #pumpkineverything

Sprinklr Publishing : JustMe Hi there, we totally understand your situation, and we would like to help. Could you please send us your phone number and the serial number of your brewer in a direct message? Someone from our Support team will be in touch with you directly. Many thanks

Sprinklr Publishing : Tan Guapo Hello, Jay. We recommend using bottled or filtered water only in your Keurig coffee maker.

Sprinklr Publishing : lou Oh no! What a disaster! Do reach out to our customer care team, so they can help: 866-901-2739, or email them here:

Sprinklr Publishing : Ken Firlit Hi Ken, call our Customer Service team for help: 866-901-2739 or by email at Our team can trouble shoot this issue with you.

Sprinklr Publishing : Cara Craft That's not great, Cara. Please send us a DM with more details, your contact information and brewer's serial number so we can contact you. Thanks.

Sprinklr Publishing : RennyRunner Hi Renny. Please check out our website for more information on how to unsubscribe from our mailing list:

Please note that it can take up to 10 business days to process your subscription request. You may still receive promotional emails during this time.

Sprinklr Publishing : Marlee MarGHOULies👻🎃 #VoteDem Hi Marlee. We're sorry to hear about your brewer having these issues. Please send us a Direct Message with your brewer's serial number and your contact information. We would love to have our team reach out to help you.…

Sprinklr Publishing : Gilthunder Hi Gilthunder, did you know that you can make Iced Coffee with every Keurig brewer? Please check out and get started :-). Of course, you can use any K-Cup pod of your choice. Enjoy! #HappyBrewing

Sprinklr Publishing : Wizard of IT Can you send us a DM with your account details, and we'll take a look for you? Thanks.

Sprinklr Publishing : Sarah Thank you for your interest in our products, Sarah. Our coffee makers are not approved for use in other areas.

Sprinklr Publishing : Sarah Hi Sarah, all our brewers are designed for the U.S./Canada voltage standard of 120V/60Hz only. Thanks.

Sprinklr Publishing : G.Mo. Hi, please reach out to our Customer Service team for help: 866-901-2739 or if you prefer, by email at

Sprinklr Publishing : Jackie Smith We can help, Jackie. Give our team a call at 866-901-2739 or visit to send our team the product details, and we'll follow up on this.

Sprinklr Publishing : The NEW K-Duo brewer is perfect for any occasion. Make a carafe of dark roast for family brunch and a cup of french vanilla for your niece who can’t stop taking pictures of her food. #BrewTheLove

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Sprinklr Publishing : Carol White For any questions that you may have, Carol, we'd recommend that you contact our Customer Care team. You can reach them at 866-901-2739 or by email at Thanks.