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Bio I am a writer of epic fantasy. Shadows Within and Green Storm are available on amazon. #selfpublished she/her
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Android : "The ground turned #carnivorous."
"We'd barely stepped off the ship before the pink sand grew teeth."
"You expect us to believe that?"
"I'm lucky I got off the planet alive. We need to stay away from it."
"Too late. We went back. We found the bodies."

Android : -Mom.Dad.I have something to tell you
-I told you Beth.He's-
-I'm a superhero
-We thought you were gay
-Well,that too
-What's your power?
-I can fly
-U sure you're not just gay?
-How would that make me fly?
-Well love makes you #euphoric enough to think you can fly

Android : #Amber #somersaults dance across the field. The beauty of the destruction is breathtaking.
I smile as my mages hurl fireball after fireball towards the village.
Others say revenge is best served cold, I make sure to heat it up.

Android : Around the campfire.
"Did they see the same moon?"
"They did. But some say the lights from their seetees were so bright it blocked it out."
"Then how'd they know what day it was."
"Their calendars weren't #lunar. They were eel-lictrical. Little devices told them the day."

Android : They told her to wait
So she lies still
Counting the #floodwaters
that drown her
She waits for a sign
She waits for the tears
she cried as a girl
to float by above.

Android : I was five when the town turned into rubble and #smoke. People wandered like zombies in the drizzle of gray skies.
Everyone knew it started at the bakery.
They gathered around us.
My dad pointed to me and stepped away.
"Oopsies." I smiled and let my curls bounce.

Android : Anne’s days were spent in the shade of the weeping willow on the hill; it brought her peace like nowhere else.

When a storm #uprooted it, her sister was the first to see.

Her scream was bloodcurdling: “Mom, it’s Anne! I found her! She’s buried here, by the willow tree!”#vss365

Android : Anything worth celebrating brought Nina's extended family together. They gladly helped her fulfill her dreams.
As she floated away from the ISS, she finally felt #uprooted.
On earth, 63 people gathered around cake and food.
Nina closed her eyes and let go of the tether.

Android : They call me soul-eater, but I hesitate. Like a vegan vampire, I suffer for the sake of life.
But. I do need a #soul to live. Soon. So I hunt.
I hunt and take her away. Starving, I reach out.
"I gave it away," she says.
I fall to my knees. Killed by love.

Android : I watch them streak across the sky
"#Comets," someone said
"How strange," came the reply
I dive beneath a surface green
and yellow from their light
and wait a while, unseen
My guards and captors move on by
I'm safe again
But always looking to the sky

Android : Tired of her sister's sappiness, Storm unleashed herself on the world.
Every time #Serendipity tried to unite lovers or bring happiness to an overworked mother, Storm swept in with cold eyes and created a torrent of destruction.
She smiled at the aftermath.

Android : "How long can you stay?" His fingers intertwine with mine.
"A few hours. Until #daybreak."
He laughs.
"It's only midday. Daybreak is far off."
I smile and say nothing, hold him closer as my bracelet flashes. The ship will be here soon.
If only I could take him with me.

Android : It is with sadness I perform my deed. Woken by greed and selfishness I walk the earth.
I touch the trees, #crystallize each leaf.
The animals calm down, allow me to make them sleep.
For years I wander, preserving all but man, who tried to doom the rest. I let them perish.

Android : People hurt me for a very long time. I hated them so deeply that my hatred #crystallized into cruelly sharp gems that erupted from my skin, cutting me to ribbons. Scabs and scars covered me. Pain ruled me.
So I let go.
Now I have no gems.
But I no longer hurt so badly.


Android : "She's beautiful."
"It's falling apart."
"I can keep her together."
"I can't pay you much."
"But you'll take me off this planet."
"What's her name?"
"Cuz that's where she takes you?"
"That's where it breaks down."

Android : The village of Frey was straightforward and simple. With the occasional #mystery.
Everyone knew about the magic, of course. And how the village liked to rearrange the houses.
But when Kat showed up, they scratched their heads.
She seemed not to notice the magic.

Android : "Do you regret it?"
The old Queen looked out the window.
"Giving him up? No."
"But you never married. You have no one."
The Queen smiles and studies the people milling about.
"I gave up my #love so they could have theirs. It was an easy choice. Heartbreaking, but easy."

Android : Night was falling. She sat watching the sun slide lower in the sky & the shadows lengthen. They called it the #gloaming. It was her favorite time of day; she knew it wouldn’t be long until she was free to hunt.#vss365

Android : I watched the sky through silent leaves as you walked away, leaving parts of you behind.
I lay there, as the sun sank lower, imaging my future without you. Our future.
I sighed at dusk and knew, it would be #forever #gloaming.