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iPhone : Hear hear! #PAF Squadron leader is not only a defender of the Land but is also quite the intellectual smarty🤓😎 #PakistanAirForce Zindabad 🇵🇰…

iPhone : #Religion #Growth over past few decades. Is this anything to do with increase in Islamophobia around the world too?

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iPhone : Dads who invest in the education of their daughters rather than her dowry are the real MVPs. They actually know what's important for her and will give her a better future ❤️

iPhone : Had to scroll down your tweets to confirm my suspicion that you haven't really tweeted about #Kashmir. You should've stopped at the ministers immature views instead of using the term 'we'. Majority of 'us' don't support your views in light of what's happening in Kashmir…

iPhone : Pseudo intellectual Pakistanis at their best!Damned if you do care, damned if you dont 🤷🏻‍♀️…

iPhone : Scotland has officially created a tartan to honour its Muslim citizens.

Blue: Scottish Flag
Green: Islam
5 white lines: the 5 pillars of Islam
6 gold lines: the 6 articles of faith
Black square: the Kaaba

Scottish citizens, Glasgow City Chambers (Attire’s Mind)

iPhone : The moronic teacher along with the school admin needs to be sacked immediately #americanlycetuffschool
What the hell is happening in our country…

iPhone : "They asked me to throw stones at the mosque, when I refused, they broke my back," says a 20 year old detained by armed forces in Kashmir Another thirteen year old detained, tortured in jail. A woman threatened with rape. I write in the Washington Post.…