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TweetDeck : Max Delaney 🇮🇪 I think that's not tenable given the state of media literacy, and that platforms purposefully flatten the distinction between publications. That worked when people were buying one newspaper versus another.

TweetDeck : Geller’s “reporting” tactic: not updating the story she now knows is not only proven false but wildly dressed up as a classic “what the media won’t tell you” bit. Shooter is a 29-year-old, white former Marine.

iPhone : In 2012, Jordan Davis was murdered by a gunman. Today, his mother’s opponent conceded—Lucy McBath is headed to Congress, where she will push for real gun reform.…

iPhone : Every couple years we look on in horror at the pictures of long lines to vote and then... nothing happens. As former Estonia president toomas hendrik ilves pointed out there's a phrase for this in any other country: "voting irregularities"

TweetDeck : Kwame Jackson on hearing that Trump referred to him in racist and homophobic slurs: “My response to President Trump is simple and Wakandan. ‘Not today, colonizer!’”…

TweetDeck : NEW: With the midterms days away, and President Trump ratcheting up his rhetoric, Michael Cohen detailed instances to me in which he said his former boss privately used chilling, racist language…

TweetDeck : In a new interview with V.F., Michael Cohen recalls four instances in which Donald Trump used racist language in a private setting

iPhone : Tim Cook introduces Lana Del Rey, who appears with Jack Antonoff to sing some new songs. “They told us not to swear, so I can’t tell you the name of the album,” she says.

iPhone : Tim Cook kicks off Apple’s Brooklyn event, after debuting new campaign featuring iconic creators “Behind the Mac” #AppleEvent

iPhone : The amazing coda to this is that LeBron is *two years* older than Drake. (Also, Mav is an amazing interviewer.)…