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Twitter Web Client : I will probably no longer be playing VRChat, and will no longer be using my twitter.

The people who deserve to know why will already know why, for the rest of you, thanks for everything. Its been a blast and I wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Adi贸s, amigos.

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iPhone : how i play vrchat;

step 1 - log into vrchat

step 2 - realise everyone is in private worlds

step 3 - realise no one accepts invite requests

step 4 - log off vrchat

step 5 - repeat steps 1-4, daily

iPhone : Matsix its too ugly to expose to the public

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Twitter Web Client : Ayaka started the neck/clothes with pen tool, then got bored and did the rest painting with my mouse lol

ill do a full pen tool one later ~ 馃挒


iPhone : Virtual Reality Police Department hello my name is [insert name here] and i dont like [insert music artist here] , and if u like [insert previously mentioned artist name here] then you are a [insert insult here]

>2018 btw
>still criticising peoples tastes in music btw


iPhone : Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 is probably my favorite song to listen to at the moment when i feel sad


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