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iPhone : Walking into my kids HS graduation bc I had them at 42:

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iPhone : Sounds like someone just ate one of our biscuits. Cause y’all looking thirsty. twitter.com/wendys/status/…

iPhone : AMC has $5 movies on Tuesdays... On top of that Cashapp has a $3 boost (gives you back $3) when you spend at least 5 dollars at AMC. In summary, y’all can go to the movies tomorrow for $2🤪

iPhone : Hearing “im proud of you” from people you respect when you’re feeling like you’re not doing enough means so much

iPhone : IT TAKES 2 SECOND TO RETWEET: Chandler Police are searching for a missing 11-year-old. twitter.com/ChandlerPolice…

iPhone : When people try their hardest to be offended by a tweet that wasnt even meant for them twitter.com/okayslutty/sta…

iPhone : I cannot be worried about a bitch, cause I know a bitch could be somewhere sucking a dick 🗣

iPhone : Everybody hates us cause they don’t know how to handle us twitter.com/sundazesam/sta…

iPhone : People fake fuck with you. I don’t need you to talk to me period. You ain’t hurting no feelings! Carry on

Twitter Web App : I wonder if anyone else has a hard time remembering where they parked lmaooo swear this is not normal !

iPhone : I can make jokes that emasculate myself all day because I know it’s impossible to actually emasculate me.

iPhone : lowkey the Spicy chicken sandwich from crown fried chicken is better than all of the others but y’all too soft to get food from places with bulletproof windows

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iPhone : I know for a fact that if my music hit the right conversations my life could change but since I ain’t tryna leave shit to chance Ima make it happen

Twitter Web App : As a single mom, I personally feel like there’s really no point in dating someone without purpose, intent, and drive to build a future with them. And if you’re going to waste my time and emotions, that’s beyond disrespectful to me as a woman who knows her worth.

iPhone : This is the funniest thing ever

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iPhone : Good morning to all my beautiful followers i hope you all have a wonderful day EXCEPT the people who wear white socks..... you psychopath..

iPhone : If a female blowing his phone up HE STILL FUCK W/ HER! Niggas love saying a bitch delusional, but he STILL entertaining her. Hoes don’t be acting out for NO REASON! Idgaf what nobody say, that’s why you can’t brag on a nigga because you never know what he doing behind yo back 💯

iPhone : a love like this >>>

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iPhone : i am overwhelmed by the kind words expressed by everyone and i just want to say THANK YOU to all ‼️ let’s spread this positivity and continue to uplift one another ✨ .. oh and s/o Ben Yahr for making my day #NYC #Yerrr

iPhone : Them: I’ve never heard of Providence


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