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Bio When your intentions are set on pleasing Allah you will never need anyones approval❤
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Android : Whenever God gives you a sign, do not dismiss it. Remember He will always show you the true colours of those around you. Do not ignore the signs The Almighty has given you.

Android : Its heaven, when you dont sense time passing by ... Its heaven, when you marry a good man ... 💞

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Android : If you have a mean thought, you don’t have to say it. Even if you don’t like the person, you don’t have to say it. You don’t need to put that energy into the world. Be selective with your battles. Reserve your energy for the real fights. ❤️

Android : I'm going to miss the jungle snaps with the girls😭😪 #ImACeleb

Android : Yassssss MC Hazzza has done it💃💃💃💃💃😭😭😭😭😭 #ImACeleb