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iPhone : Rowly Personally I’d rather we didn’t get ourselves into the mess in the first place, but whatever floats your boat mate

iPhone : Oliver Holt They deserve the backlash for making the decision in the first place. Isn’t the first time they’ve made a ridiculously miss-informed decision either, and it won’t be the last

iPhone : Why would we refund tickets for people who decided not to attend? Their problem should be with UEFA for making the mistake in allowing the game to go ahead in the first place.

Just lazy journalism trying to gain clicks whilst fueling the current “lets all hate Liverpool” agenda…

iPhone : Mr CEO of 👍 Hilly You’d expect them to regardless, as will be the case with plenty of businesses around the globe. The difference at Liverpool and other big football clubs is the fact we have billionaire owners at the helm, not all businesses do, hence the “furlough” schemes existence

iPhone : Mr CEO of 👍 Hilly If only we’d made £42m pre tax of profit over the last year right? Would’ve come in really handy right about now. Think you’ll have a shock when the club do a U turn and reverse this decision

iPhone : Ian Doyle In many ways it is, this whole situation has damaged the clubs and FSG’s reputation, regardless of whether or not they do the decent thing and go back on it

iPhone : Larry B Can’t imagine many people within the club are, was only last year they were talking about “What would Shankly do?” being the question they ask themselves before making business decisions, not sure he’d have agreed with this decision at all

iPhone : dusk If you think that funding wages at Red Sox and Liverpool for about 3 months with little return (not quite nothing) would lead to them running out of money then I don’t know what to tell you.

They are billionaires. Billionaires

iPhone : Hilly Sadly even if it is it’ll be one that’ll damage our reputation massively. The damage has been done now regardless of whether it’s resolved or not. It’s a shame