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SocialFlow : No Mans Sky players are building bases in exchange for charitable donations. bit.ly/2MGX1gs

SocialFlow : Which game should we play before Sekiro—Dark Souls, or Bloodborne?

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SocialFlow : Classic Sega games on Switch are getting cool new features. bit.ly/2BzqRPE

SocialFlow : Guacamelee 2 feels unique and unrivaled, even if the whole doesnt surpass the sum of each amazing part.

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SocialFlow : A game dev has some ideas on how to improve the guns in 2016s Doom: bit.ly/2MJUHFg

SocialFlow : Now if only Square would treat Final Fantasy VI on PC like it treated Chrono Trigger. bit.ly/2BEwbku

SocialFlow : Cultist Simulator, as told by Steam reviews: bit.ly/2MJU3aO

SocialFlow : Overwatch players discover new form of psychological warfare: singing bit.ly/2MH9S1T

SocialFlow : Shenmues world is full of wonderful junk. bit.ly/2whP7zS

SocialFlow : Vaping Congressman, whose card bought Steam games with campaign money, indicted on fraud charges. bit.ly/2MJ3hUN

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SocialFlow : The Shadow Tactics team are making a Western. bit.ly/2MBmFDl

SocialFlow : People keep trying to scam their way into free video games. bit.ly/2BxY0ex

SocialFlow : Bad North strips RTS gaming to the bone. bit.ly/2BykiwJ

SocialFlow : Shenmue III will be released on August 27, 2019: bit.ly/2BuJXpU

SocialFlow : Streamers turn off ads to protest Twitch Prime dropping its ad-free perk bit.ly/2MNo0ag

SocialFlow : The real-life Totoro house people could sleep in:

SocialFlow : Nintendos next Labo kit, the Vehicle Kit, is more of an open-world game. bit.ly/2BzX3Cs

TweetDeck : Hey, it's another one of those great "I don't play EVE but I love reading about it" stories! kotaku.com/just-like-real…

SocialFlow : Just like real life, EVE Online wars are won with propaganda: bit.ly/2ByI3om