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TweetDeck : 🚨 Morning Spoilers, A Thread 🚨
1) A new interview reveals some of the plot of the Joker movie: on.io9.com/gEZa4DY

SocialFlow : How Gamepedia, a Twitch-owned wiki, may be inflating streamers views: bit.ly/2EA8paW

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SocialFlow : The first official Harry Potter cafes coming to Japan:

SocialFlow : Spot whats wrong with this Japanese TV screenshot:

SocialFlow : No Mans Sky player recreates The Nightmare Before Christmas: bit.ly/2CZStNI

SocialFlow : Shadow Of The Tomb Raider gets review bombed for going on sale so soon: bit.ly/2D1jnF5

SocialFlow : The weirdest Soulcalibur VI character creations: bit.ly/2CZJr3m

SocialFlow : The art of Assassins Creed Odyssey bit.ly/2CWGvnS

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SocialFlow : Final Fantasy XIVs player-run tournaments embrace the fun of random chance: bit.ly/2D0vEtj

SocialFlow : 16-year old dethrones Tetris world champion with difficult hyper-tap technique: bit.ly/2D0vmCJ

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SocialFlow : A song made entirely using Breath of the Wild. bit.ly/2CZVj5q

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SocialFlow : Transformers change into tiny, cheap collectibles: bit.ly/2EMPvOq

iPhone : You step inside; the door creaks shut behind you, moved by an unseen force.

The last vestiges of a grand entry hall greet you. A derelict fireplace sits on the opposite wall, and two doors to the east and west. In the center, spiral stairs head up to an unseen destination.

SocialFlow : Far Cry 5 does a great Half-Life 2 impression. bit.ly/2CZySgw

SocialFlow : Black Ops 4 is the first Call of Duty without a traditional story campaign, but the game still gives us some of the series’ best cutscenes: bit.ly/2CYytLj

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SocialFlow : The limited edition Sega Saturn themed music player:

SocialFlow : How Gamepedia, a Twitch-owned wiki, may be inflating streamers views: bit.ly/2EBdEHh