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SocialFlow : Model Japanese arcade cabinets are gloriously cute:

SocialFlow : Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 5 anime announced! bit.ly/2Malkzv

SocialFlow : Fans are using every clue to piece together a map of Fallout 76 bit.ly/2yuSsji

SocialFlow : On the newest episode of Complete In Box, we opened up a sealed copy of StarTropics and dunked part of it in water. Why? Because history!

Watch and subscribe to new episodes: bit.ly/2yt4NVj

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SocialFlow : Cayde-6s death has Destiny players fired up: bit.ly/2temdQi

SocialFlow : I love The Witcher 3, but Cyberpunk 2077s E3 demo left me feeling a little cold. bit.ly/2JXAvzr

SocialFlow : This PlayStation-inspired arcade game is scarier than it looks: bit.ly/2JXAifD

SocialFlow : The NES game StarTropics came with a letter that you were supposed to dip into water. So we opened up a brand-new copy and did just that. bit.ly/2yvyntc

SocialFlow : Were returning to our playthrough of Nier: Automata live now on Twitch. Its a feel good tale about androids, where nothing ever goes wrong. bit.ly/2JSAjRG

SocialFlow : Fallout fans continue to struggle with the company that hosts their wiki: bit.ly/2tfvGqu

SocialFlow : Fortnites shopping cart woes: a timeline bit.ly/2teBKzA

SocialFlow : NBA rookie also video game marketing rookie. bit.ly/2ysUZue

SocialFlow : PSA: Back up your Dark Souls: Remastered PC save bit.ly/2yubBSl

SocialFlow : LonelyStreams shows you what happens in Twitch streams with zero viewers: bit.ly/2tc8WrI

SocialFlow : Canadian cosplay show knows how to party. bit.ly/2M7L1At

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SocialFlow : Skull & Bones is more of a pirate version of Destiny than it initially appeared. bit.ly/2yzpley

SocialFlow : Empires Apart is basically Age of Empires Lite. bit.ly/2JYruWQ

SocialFlow : Mario Tennis on Switch is mostly fun, but frustrating. bit.ly/2ytAnlF

SocialFlow : Coder spends 1,200 hours piecing together Diablos source code bit.ly/2ytB6Dp