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iPhone : When #StrangerThings gives you legit dating advice.

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iPhone : Just heard a rogue firework explode outside my window and pull me out of sleep like:

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iPhone : I’m watching and reading as much about Apollo 11 as I can before the 50th anniversary! Anyone else? #moonlanding #Apollo11

iPhone : ARIES: Anesthesiology
TAURUS: Oncology
CANCER: Pediatrics
LEO: General
VIRGO: Neuro
LIBRA: Plastics
CAPRICORN: Dermatology


iPhone : Falcon Heavy and STP-2 are vertical on Launch Complex 39A. Tonight’s four-hour launch window opens at 11:30 p.m. EDT, or 3:30 UTC on June 25 →

iPhone : Time... 💫

we try to save you
and you fly by in haste

we often wonder
where you’ve gone

even when you often
seem to stand still

we wish we could
turn back your hands

sadly we often waste you
as if forever were ours

fleeting as you are
there is no greater gift

Time... 💫

Twitter Web App : Its #website launch time. These are the exciting #marketing moments. Bring on the change. #GameFace

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iPhone : That time you’re working on a new web project and you DON’T have to do the redirects...

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Twitter Web Client : Anyone going to #NASASocial #NASA747 to visit SOFIAtelescope) 's Twitter Profile">SOFIAtelescope? I made a FB group I made so we can connect!… …
NASA Social NASA Armstrong SOFIAtelescope) 's Twitter Profile">SOFIAtelescope

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Twitter Web Client : Just got accepted to NASA Social at NASA Armstrong! I cant wait to meet SOFIAtelescope! #NASA747

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Twitter Web Client : We'll never forget Gen. Stafford’s work as commander of Apollo 10, the first flight of the lunar module to the Moon. He also flew our first rendezvous in space on Gemini 6, and piloted Gemini 9’s path to Earth with pencil and paper when the vehicle’s guidance computer failed!