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Bio Evolutionary Biologist and Curator of @OxyMLZ the worlds largest Mexican bird collection @Occidental College in the ❤️ of LA
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iPhone : Just out | A North American stem turaco, and the complex biogeographic history of modern birds @ BMC Evolutionary Biology #paleontology is.gd/4hOFak

iPhone : Denver is bright, vast, and eerie. The streets are empty, the air is still, and walking under the de Chirico sky you feel a gathering sense of menace, as if something terrible and unseen is waiting for you. I've been here for an hour.

iPhone : Honey #bees collect pollen into little balls of all different colors. In the 1940s, Dorothy Hodges watched bees collecting pollen from flowers and painted a pollen color guide. It provides beautiful insight into bee foraging. #sciart #PollinatorWeek

iPhone : This F*****g sucks.

To conserve wild predators, we need to think beyond our borders. Jaguar first confirmed in Arizona in December 2016 likely dead in Mexico: tucson.com/news/local/jag….

iPhone : Cool soundbites about genetics can confuse more than they clarify. An illustration. "You share 98.8% of your genes with a chimpanzee!" Is this true? What does it actually mean? Let's unpack this often quoted pearl of wisdom in a thread all about sharing...1/13

iPhone : The interactive Ancient Earth globe allows you to view the continents at varies stages from today back to 750 million years ago. You can even look for your home address in the search field to see where you wouldve lived back then. Source: buff.ly/2t1YUsQ

iPhone : Part of this weekends #OxyThrowback: a special Barack Walk commemorating the Presidents time at Occidental, where he began to notice a world beyond myself.

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iPhone : very interesting from the 2002 vote that created ICE..

Barbara Lee - NO
Bernie Sanders - NO
Nancy Pelosi - NO
Russ Feingold - NO
Nydia Velazquez - NO

Hillary Clinton - YES
Carolyn Maloney - YES
Joe Crowley - YES
Chuck Schumer - YES
Diane Feinstein - YES