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iPhone : “The only thing that the publishers have is the content authors give to them. What they’re selling is access to research. If they don’t have the research, they have nothing to sell.” chroni.cl/2SNi3cF

iPhone : Research by Christopher Blair, Rob Bryson (Rob Bryson), Charles Linkem, David Lazcano, John Klicka (John Klicka), and John E. McCormack reveals cryptic rattlesnake diversity in the Mexican highlands. The full article is available here: herp.mx/pubs/2018-Blai…

iPhone : What happens when species with similar phenotypes experience secondary contact? Introducing our bioRxiv: Cryptic and extensive hybridization between ancient lineages of American crows. biorxiv.org/content/early/…

iPhone : If you are a Postdoc at any UC and are interested in conducting research in Mexico for a year consider applying to this fellowship: ucmexus.ucr.edu/funding/fellow…

iPhone : This now-species was paraphyletic with the rest of its then-conspecific brethren — existing mtDNA sequences helped us flesh out the broader phylogeny & see two already-described species were nested within what was being called Sarcohyla bistincta

iPhone : Fortunately some it *is* being described by trained professionals. While we were in review, the blue-colored locations from the first figure were described as a full species, Sarcohyla hapsa biotaxa.org/Zootaxa/articl…

iPhone : As a bird guy, I was bewildered by the number of species in this 1 genus & how little is known about their ranges. I put together this map from the literature as a coping mechanism. The number of overlapping species just in, say, Oaxaca is insane!

iPhone : Most species and most hybrid zones have historically been described based on phenotypes, but speciation and hybridization can also occur with negligible phenotypic differentiation. biorxiv.org/content/early/…

iPhone : Trinity University is a great place to be a biologist! Were now hiring in *three* positions - two distinguished professors (one in eco/evo, one in cell/molec) and a visiting asst professor to teach intro bio labs. See ads for each position in this thread!