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Bio Leader of @scottishlabour. Let’s build a Scotland that works for the many, not the few.
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Twitter Web App : Scotland’s public services desperately need investment. Investment that the SNP has failed to deliver.

A Labour Government will.

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Twitter Media Studio : We are fighting for a majority Labour government, and Scotland can deliver it. #VoteLabour

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iPhone : Nicola Sturgeon has just said this about me:

“I won’t help him in power, to get into power, to stay in power.”

Just like in 1979, The SNP are willing to usher in another heartless Conservative government.

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Twitter Web App : There you have it. Nicola Sturgeon says SNP MPs will put Boris Johnson back into Downing Street.

Every vote for the SNP at this election is vote against a Labour government.…

iPhone : It is great to have @JeremyCorbyn in Scotland today. Together we are campaigning for a Labour government that will end homelessness, end poverty and protect Scotland’s NHS. #RealChange

Twitter Web App : The people of Scotland can only trust the Labour Party with the NHS.

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TweetDeck : The Home Secretary and Rupert Soames, the millionaire boss of Serco, should hang their heads in shame. A callous Tory Home Secretary will not stand up to the might and greed of Serco and other outsourcing giants. A Labour Government will.…

Twitter Web App : I am out on the campaign trail this morning with @JeremyCorbyn across Scotland. Labour will deliver £70billion of extra investment in Scotland to end homelessness, end fuel poverty and tackle the climate emergency.

When Labour wins, Scotland wins.

Twitter Media Studio : Scotland’s social care crisis is failing our elderly and costing our NHS millions each year.

Labour will use new funding unlocked by a UK Labour government to build a Scottish Care Service and invest an extra £600million to end the crisis.

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Twitter Web App : Labour is clear: no deals, no pacts, no coalitions with the SNP or any other party. Heres Ian Lavery setting out our position in Glasgow last night #ByTheMany

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TweetDeck : Labour’s Real Living Wage will be for everyone – students included. Scottish Labour will introduce a new Minimum Student Income of around £9,500 a year.

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Twitter Web App : This is worrying. Labour will create thousands of new green jobs in Scotland as part of our Green Industrial Revolution to tackle climate change and rejuvenate communities.…

iPhone : Sending the Sikh Community in Scotland my best wishes on the 550th anniversary of the birth of #GuruNanakDevJi - Glasgow Gurdwara opening their doors to those affected by the Albert Drive fire yesterday represents the very best of the Sikh faith.

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iPhone : Farage is terrified of a Labour government as we will give the public the final say on Brexit with the option to Remain within six months. Only a vote for Labour can secure that vote and defeat Farage and Johnson.…

TweetDeck : A UK Labour government will provide billions more in funding for Scotland.

Scottish Labour will use this to introduce a Minimum Student Income to ensure everyone studying full-time receives the equivalent of a £10 per hour Real Living Wage.