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Bio @CJKSelafynes #1 fan. Revived Kodachrome & develops film in a vegan liquid emulsion. I develop Kodachrome for personal use. In hereditary pool.
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Android : Even by today's standards, #JaneAusten was not paid well for her best-selling books. Mansfield Park sold out its first printing in six months but earned the author just £310, or $26,759 in today’s currency.… Jezebel

Android : Ohio school officials were stunned when they discovered that two first grade students had managed to remove a gun intended for school safety from an unlocked box in an administrative office.

Android : I want to make animation grow up. It doesnt always have to be Mickey Mouse and slapstick humor. Animation ought to be able to carry serious concepts. All these things are possible for animation but weve only just begun to scratch the surface. - Richard Williams

Android : Canada has moved to protect the region, where Arctic wildlife is expected to make its last stand against climate change.

Scientists say it's not enough.

Android : Speaking of Greenland, if its glacial ice sheets ever melt completely, this fresh water will flow to the surrounding Oceans, raising what we call Sea Level around the World by nearly 2.5x the height of a Basketball Rim.

Android : We listen to film scores to relax and unwind. No, not the music that plays in scenes during movies, but recordings of critics and hecklers shouting bad point scores and ratings for movies!