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iPhone : How about Democrats discourage people from taking such dangerous journeys and following the legal path so this doesn’t happen again instead of encouraging this dangerous situation and having more children put in danger? Amen!

iPhone : 👀MUST WATCH:👀
#Trump Releases Video Showing #Schumer, #Clinton & #Obama Wanted A Wall…They Just Didn’t Want It Done By A Republican!
Of course NOT it will STOP their new voting base & prove they are DO NOTHING obstructionists for #America!

iPhone : Oh #Hillary STOP the LIES!

This child was put through a harrowing trip all for an agenda~THAT IS THE HORROR!

Lay the blame where it TRULY lies ~ with THOSE who encourage #IllegalImmigration, #childtrafficking & #OpenBorders all for a Reward at the end of the journey!
#LadyD twitter.com/HillaryClinton…

iPhone : I believe that #Abortion is the #Sacrament of the #LeftistChurch ~ this is one of the creepiest things you’ll ever watch but #PleaseWatch🙏 Group is called “The Ohio Coalition for Reproductive Rights”🙄hosting a pro-abortion rally titled “Holy Ground”😬🤬

iPhone : All 6 adults should be severely beaten and left for wild animal food!

6 people beat, poured scalding water on boy, 3, at New Jersey house, officials say fxn.ws/2SGAMGB #FoxNews

iPhone : Biden advisers float Beto O’Rourke as possible 2020 running mate - AMERICA’s DREAM TEAM😜

iPhone : The audacious #RobertMueller 👎

He leaks to the press cause he’s afraid of the American people knowing the truth behind his destructive delays.

He’s a lying, crooked, dirty old man.
War-monger to boot! People want justice!

A Message from Robert Mueller

iPhone : Imagine if Democrats expended 1/10th the energy and outrage they do speaking out for and helping illegal aliens as they did their own constituents:

Could they put an end to the epidemic crime, homelessness, poverty, violence and suffering of their Democrat run cities?

iPhone : WOAH!

In a newly released Planned Parenthood informational video the narrator only refers to an unborn child as a baby, makes NO mention of the term fetus!

#ProLife #BabyNotFetus #PlannedParenthood


iPhone : I hate to be the bearer of bad news but once you understand the Deep State are in a Mexican Standoff with each other it makes sense why they protect each other:

I wont spill your crimes if you dont spill mine

PS John Huber wont be saving the day either: Obama nominated him