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Bio Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself; I am large - I contain multitudes.
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TweetDeck : يعرض صوراً من وطنه الأم في #بيت_الدين #عمّار_عبد_ربه: عن بلدي الذي لم يعد موجوداً!

Instagram : Show me your 🌼FLOWER POWER🌼 with my new #SmallTalk filter on instagram (click on my profile to find it, see 3rd scroll) 🤗 @ Small Talk!…

iPhone : Reem Moustafa أحلة سمايل شوفتها في حياتي أنتي فنانة موهوبة عفواً(ممتازة) كنت أتمنى أشوفك سنة دي إن شاء الله اشوف لك مسلسلات جديدة في السنة ذي في رمضان

Dental Regional Manager (leader),over 13 years of medical industry experience.

iPhone : I don’t belong anywhere.

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iPhone : En ce 15 août, j’ai souhaité déposer une des fleurs de la gerbe de la @villedenice devant les stèles de ces 23 fusillés qui n’avaient pas pu être fleuries par les familles de ces jeunes morts pour la France 🇫🇷

Twitter Media Studio : أي أغنية تسمع عندما تكون في حالة حبّ؟ 🥰 اختر واحدة من قائمة مغرم على #أنغامي 👇

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Android : الخط الاحمر الوحيد بهالبلد هو اوتوستراد جونيه وشكراً.…

iPhone : الشعب السعودي شعب صريح ينتقد يعدد سلبياته يصيح والنتجيه؟ تحققت كل أحلامه في وطنه .
بينما البعض من دول الجوار الفساد والاضطهاد والظلم ينخرهم نخر ومع ذلك تلاقيهم مسوين انهم الشعوب المثاليه ويضحكون ع أنفسهم لدرجه انه منشغلين فينا عن مصايبهم

Android : الفنانة الكبيرة سميرة سعيد: صوت اليسا فيه لمحات رومانسية كتيرة...

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iPhone : give up the notion that you must be sure of what you are doing and surrender to what is Real within you, for that alone is sure

SocialFlow : Granger Smith and his wife shared an emotional video update and a list of drowning prevention tips after the death of their 3-year-old son

iPhone : Presenting the video campaign for new universal #GucciBeauty fragrance #GucciMémoire d’une Odeur by #AlessandroMichele.
Music: ‘In Every Dream Home a Heartache’ by Roxy Music, published by BMG Platinum Songs, recorded by Universal Music Entertainment.

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iPhone : Now is your chance to own one of #Sia’s iconic looks! Bid now on this custom #Armani 2 piece, and help everyone at My Friends Place ❤️ check it out here:… - Team Sia

iPhone : In case y’all are having a bad day , I found this at tiktok

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iPhone : no one:
not one soul:
not a singular human being:
Emily🦋 after sending herself hate on curious cat for relevancy:

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Twitter Web App : aidan thank you!! Yes its also a bit bigger actually. The bedroom is almost separate! :)

iPhone : I can’t stop listening to this flo rida song just listened to it 3 times in a row send help

SocialFlow : Succession Power Rankings: Can Tom eat the peach?

iPhone : Lana speaking about leaks in 2017 🤷‍♀️ Lana Del Rey

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iPhone : manipulative people be like sorry i traumatized you for months and completely warped your perception of true love my dog died 7 years ago and it’s been pretty rough for me :/

Echobox Social : Foam rollers feel torturous and regular massage can be a huge ask: enter theragun, the percussive device you can have at home to keep your body ache free.…

Buffer : These nostalgia-tinged photos celebrate NYCs Latinx community:


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SocialFlow : #MileyCyrus and #KaitlynnCarter went on a lunch date in #LosAngeles!

#Smilers #SheIsComing

SocialFlow : The rise of intimate shops in Tokyo speaks to the value that shoppers place on discreetness.

Sprout Social : Given the encyclopedic knowledge of music from across styles and eras, its not all that surprising that hes good at this.

SocialFlow : 8chan—pronounced “infinitychan” by its users—has one primary slogan: “Embrace infamy”

iPhone : it’s Halloween in 74 days 👽🤡🤠👻

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SocialFlow : Slayer racecar pulled from NASCAR at Bristol

Echobox Social : As a society, is it time we ditched the idea that loving yourself = big-headed?…

Just a Citizen from the world no better than the Kardashian’s just the same self as you

One calls me mama, others scream yeehaw. I have a smol amount of couth

Twitter Web App : Mi playlist en modo aleatorio es igual de bipolar que yo. Venía bien sad en el bus escuchando una canción de Sam Smith y de pronto se puso otro trago y hasta ganas de perrear me dieron

Mother of 3 beautiful daughters. Nana of 5 wonderful grandkids. My family is my world. I love working in the Medical Field, crafting, riding the Harley Davidson

Mis metas, sueños y objetivos que construyo día a día con amor y conocimiento ❤️