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Lance Forman MEP elect

Bio @brexitparty_uk MEP for London. #FormansGames
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iPhone : For those of you inclined to hand the EU £39bn, here is what some of it goes towards. Personally I would prefer the Govt to write a cheque out to every family in the U.K. for £1500 rather than pay £39billion. It amounts to the same thing.…

iPhone : aaronkrasner Boris Johnson Honest answer. Because doing the right thing for the country is more important. A weak party will not win an election. A party which shows it will our country first will. Corbyn has sat on the fence for 3 years. He is weak and despicable and people know it.

iPhone : Jimbob2002 Julia Hartley-Brewer You follow me. You know that I often like to look at the humorous side of things. That was all I was doing. I repeat - I NEVER deliberately intend to mislead - not my style. This was misinterpreted, twitter followers believed what they wanted to believe and the rest is history.

iPhone : Jimbob2002 Julia Hartley-Brewer I was simply showing how you press a button. I was not saying the machine doesn’t work. Parliament does not start until July 2. Some fool misinterpreted it to imply I was saying the voting machines were rigged. I was not saying that. They were wrong and others followed them.

iPhone : Jimbob2002 Julia Hartley-Brewer I have NEVER intentionally sought to mislead. I don’t know where you think I have been dishonest. I believe the EU is leading Europe down a dangerous road, all driven by a dysfunctional currency which will ultimately lead to chaos. That is why we should help end the project.

iPhone : French police used massive amounts of tear gas on anti-government protesters in Toulouse earlier - another day marked by shocking government violence. Perhaps if this happened 6,000 miles away in Hong Kong the BBC would report it. #GiletsJaunes #Acte31

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