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iPhone : #AmericaFirst – 🇺🇸 Lynne Patton: Were doing better under Donald J. Trump. Unemployment is at an all-time low. The president passed the most historic prison reform bill in the last three decades. All of this is because of President Trump administration. #MAGA #Dobbs

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iPhone : “We have a fighter in office, in the White House, who we know has our back.” -Lara Trump

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iPhone : Actually Gailen David the Eric Trump Foundation had 1 of the lowest expense ratios of any charity in the US - how absurd to suggest we “pocketed cash”. We built a state-of-the-art ICU & surgery ctr & raised $20M for kids suffering unimaginable diseases.This narrative is garbage.…

iPhone : To ⁦Newsweek⁩ & every other “news” outlet-do better work. ⁦🇺🇸 Lynne Patton⁩ DID NOT plan our wedding, yet this is the sloppy reporting that we continue to see. Jennifer Zabinski was our wedding planner.Wouldn’t take a lot of digging to get this one right. #MoreFakeNews

iPhone : It’s great to see Brandon Straka to share his story to walk away from the Democrats & support President Trump alongside with on Varney & Co. alongside with Varney & Lara Trump on FOX Business. God bless this guy!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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iPhone : You should be able to support whatever political view you want in this country, and you shouldnt be made to feel badly about it or be put on a hit list like this, Lara Trump said after Julian Castro’s campaign chairman posted a target list of Trump supporters in Texas.

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iPhone : Trump 2020 Senior Campaign Adviser Lara Trump says it is DISGUSTING that anyone would blame Donald J. Trump for this weekend’s tragic shootings, watch:

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Twitter Web App : Journalism is supposed to inform activism, not be controlled by it. But please, tell me how there is no media bias. 🙄…

iPhone : Why are Democrats not talking about the economy?

Simple, because they have nothing to say!

Thanks, Donald J. Trump!


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iPhone : Hahaha watch these guys try to knock down Donald J. Trump for creating
1) a record 6,000,000 new jobs
2) all time low African American unemployment
3) all time low Hispanic unemployment
4) 75 year low female unemployment
5) rising wages for the low wage earners.
OK good luck!

iPhone : There are already people outside US Bank Arena/Great American Ball Park (2 days before the rally) in downtown Cincinnati. The African-American community in Cincinnati proudly supports Donald J. Trump. Me too! #WalkAway Lara Trump John Pence #ThePersistence Diamond and Silk®

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Twitter Web App : It will be interesting to find out which Qs are asked during the hand-raising segments of the next round of debates, bc the D candidates have already demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for keeping one hand in the air while putting one foot in their mouths.…