Larry (dog lover)(weed enthusiast) #resist (@LarryTh24 )

Larry (dog lover)(weed enthusiast) #resist

Bio Canadian (420) best Country Ever.
No political drama like our closest friends and allies south of the 49 th parallel. Love my American Friends.

Location Ontario , Canada.
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Android : Awwright, I'm damn close to 5K followers. I'd be well past that were it not for bots. Anyhow, I've never done a shoutout for followers, and I'm not gonna change that. People either love me or hate me. I do science and snark and sex, and whatever else strikes my fancy. The end.

Android : Early numbers confirm at least
7 million people joined the #weekforfuture climate strikes! Thank you everyone, especially the local organisers! The #weekforfuture is one of the biggest global demonstrations in history. This is just the beginning! #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture

Android : After three years of federal law enforcement and media absorbing blow after blow from political operatives in survival mode, this past week has certainly felt different. It appears the strategy behind undermining these critical institutions is collectively being exposed.

Android : Child poverty rate:


Good thing we recently passed *checks notes* tax breaks for billionaires.

Android : This article lines out all the significant players around Trump's Scandalous Collusion with Ukraine.
This gives you a general but Clear insight to the Federal Criminality that Trump continually emerses himself.

Click on the source link to read further.

Android : Trump defends his phone call with the president of Ukraine as totally appropriate.

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