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Bio Entreprenör inom medicinteknik och bioteknik. Ph.D. in medical and physiological chemistry. I tweet my own opinions about various subjects in Swedish or English
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iPhone : Trump’s $8mill per annum spiritual advisor #PaulaWhite says she’s been to the throne room of heaven where she saw the face of God. People are entitled to their beliefs. And I believe she is batshit.…

iPhone : The fact that a South Korean movie won is a source of great pride to Asian immigrants in the U.S.

Notably, Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial group and will be the swing vote in many states. And we don’t like racists.…

iPhone : We must take bullying seriously. #WeStandWithQuaden & children around the world who are being relentlessly harassed. Every child deserves to grow up in a safe environment, be encouraged to speak out and provided with support when they need it. #ENDviolence…

iPhone : A video of a distraught Brisbane boy telling his Mum he wants to die after being bullied at school has touched hearts around the world, including a US comedian who has so far raised more than US$60,000 for nine-year-old Quaden Bayles

iPhone : He is growing worse rapidly:…

This is why, for mental pathology, things do not turn out well even when you grant their wish: whether you give into their pressures or enrage them without proper containment, it is enabling the disease.

iPhone : This is 100% illegal but since we’re no longer a nation of laws, the chances the GOP will face consequences are slim to non-existent.…

iPhone : Boos Greta Thunberg, media and boos South Korean award winning film;then cheers for Trump serving another 22 years.
"We're Staring Into the Abyss": Unhinged Trump Rally in Colorado Highlights Stakes of 2020 Election, Observers Say - via Common Dreams

iPhone : Trump said he was protecting our farmers. So let’s see what’s he’s done:

-Average farm income at near 15-year low

-Farm bankruptcies at 8-year high

-US Farm debt at all-time high

-Lost 10% of Wisconsin dairy farms

-Tariffs cost pig farmers $1.5B a year

Nice work, Donald.…

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