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Bio Former Sr Fellow @CFR_org. Recipient of Pulitzer Prize, Polk (2Xs) and Peabody Awards. Author: IHeard theSirensScream, TheComingPlague, Ebola & BetrayalofTrust.
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Twitter Web App : The record-breaking heatwave continues over most of #Alaska, and, "The dome of heat that’s been hovering over Alaska is noticeable thousands of feet up in the atmosphere. The warmth has caused the atmosphere to expand vertically, just as a balloon would grow in volume if heated."…

Twitter Web App : In #Rwanda the State = Kagame. And people who are critical of the President have a funny way of "disappearing."…

Twitter Web App : The Amazon is reaching a dangerous tipping-point. Beyond this, the rainforest is unlikely to survive

Twitter Web App : “The announcement was made to cut to all assistance without looking at [the] nature of specific programs ....the humanitarian imperative and impetus override short-term political considerations that may be driving this decision.” Adva Saldinger…

Twitter Web App : Why are Republicans taking away birth control? Because they don't want women to have it

Twitter Web App : "researchers show that the risk of giving birth to a child w/microcephaly might be related to how the immune system reacts against the virus—what kind of antibodies it produces...insight could have important ramifications for ongoing efforts to develop a #Zika #vaccine ."…

Twitter Web App : A disturbing amount of plastic was found deep in Arctic ice

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Twitter Web App : Hong Kong: CHP notified of human case of avian influenza A(#H5N6) in Beijing…

Twitter Web App : 1. There was great excitement when the new #flu antiviral baloxavir (sold as Xofluza) was licensed. It works fast & flu drug options are limited.
But resistance can also develop fast & a study in cells & mice suggests the resistance mutation doesn't come with a fitness cost.

Twitter Web App : My heart goes out to colleagues across #Brasil : “I love my country. It’s where I do my fieldwork, where I built all my life. But I can’t [see] a way to continue doing good science for Brazil inside Brazil. I just can’t.”…

Android : Climate skeptics and deniers have often accused scientists of exaggerating the threat of climate change, but the evidence shows that not only have they not exaggerated, they have underestimated.…

Android : Vaccine-preventable diseases include:
Cervical cancer
Hep B
Japanese encephalitis
Yellow Fever

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Android : "China has long been the world’s largest exporter of coal power equipment, exporting twice as much as its nearest competition, including to countries like Egypt and Pakistan that previously burned little to no coal." (1/x)…

Twitter Web App : Both the intensity and duration of extreme weather will worsen further in the northern hemisphere as temperatures rise, according to scientists l #climate

Twitter Web App : For god's sake! #Trump puts #Greenland on his Monopoly game board.…

Twitter Web App : A group of scientists may have found evidence of a previously unreported release of radioactive ruthenium from Russia in 2017. In PNAS:

Twitter Web App : What's the metaphoric equivalent of falling on your ass and breaking your pelvic bone? #BorisJohnsonPM is taking the UK to a hard-ass fall....…