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iPhone : When you think of all the people Trump has betrayed in his presidency and his life including all of his wives, it’s all the more impressive that he has never betrayed Putin.

iPhone : But Trump (and baseball) didn't hurt MSNBC--at all. MADDOW jumped to a well-above average 3.4M, LAWRENCE notched a huge 2.8M and HAYES was on the high side with 2.1M.

iPhone : NEW: The Barr-Murdoch meeting was *not* related to Shep Smith's exit, Chris Giglio, a spokesman for Shep, tells me via email. "This was Shep's decision and his alone."

iPhone : "Trump’s disordered personality...manifests itself in multiple ways: extreme narcissism...addiction to lying...detachment from reality...affinity for conspiracy theories...petty cheating...and his lack of empathy and sympathy."
Read the whole thing.…

iPhone : Speaking as a citizen, it’s extremely disturbing to see the president encourage antipathy towards, and fear of #Refugees at his rally. I know that most people in Minnesota are proud and supportive of America’s leadership in helping the 70 million displaced people in the world.

Twitter Web App : In 13 months, all congressional Republicans who have not defended Congress by exercising “the constitutional rights of the place” should be defeated.…

Twitter Web App : "They believed they were operating in an environment where they didn’t have to be careful, where they could engage in this type of activity and they were going to be protected. And we should ask why." - Fmr. CIA operative Evan McMullin

Twitter Web App : "His public statements—and especially his tweets—are a record of impeachable admissions." Me on President Trump in The Atlantic…

iPhone : James Madison thought the president could, and should, be impeached for wantonly firing “meritorious officers.”

You can’t claim to revere the Founders’ design and simply ignore that they believed it necessary to impeach a president who abused the public trust.

iPhone : Amb. Mike McKinley has served our country in some of the toughest places in the world. I salute his patriotism tonight, even if wish it had been sooner. Expect more resignations to come. Urge all patriots to step forward. Thank you.

iPhone : NEW— Hill Dems are looking for answers about who exactly paid for Rudy’s travels abroad to dig up dirt on Biden.…