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iPhone : President Trumps new national security adviser Robert OBrien told White House staff today he will slash the National Security Council staff by nearly half and increase the percentage of political appointees in the process, sources say

iPhone : This seems like an excellent way to hide comments that correctly identify inaccuracies or give critical context. Twitter is making it even easier to silo oneself from outside thought or facts, a problem it already faces.

Twitter Web App : Cant be stressed enough. A bit more on this, and the related notion of sustainable motherhood, on #dotearth:……

Twitter for iPad : WH’2020 poll (Fox News):
Biden 50
Trump 40

Warren 50
Trump 40

Sanders 49
Trump 40…

Twitter Web App : A teen almost skateboarded directly into me as I was carrying books back from the library and now I feel like the nerd character in an 80s movie

iPhone : Scoop: Rudy Giuliani was also planning to head to Vienna tonight--one day after Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were trying to do the same with one-way tickets.…

Twitter Web App : Its not just Russia and Ukraine. America has oligarchs too.…

iPhone : Amb. Mike McKinley has served our country in some of the toughest places in the world. I salute his patriotism tonight, even if wish it had been sooner. Expect more resignations to come. Urge all patriots to step forward. Thank you.

Twitter Web App : Every individual, citizen or not, counted brings in fed $ and resources into our communities. Your community depends on your participation. #BeCounted

Hootsuite Inc. : Yesterday afternoon I was so worn out by the sad news from the outside.... When will I untangle my jumbled thoughts? When will I find inner peace again? - Anne Frank (March 12, 1944)

Our hearts ache for those affected by the violence in Germany yesterday. #NeverAgain #Halle

iPhone : At a watch party hosted in the Barrelhouse restaurant, voters gathered to watch the debate & play debate bingo games centered around what topics & issues candidates (Tate Reeves) Tate Reeves & Jim Hood (Jim Hood) brought up. #MSGovDebate…

iPhone : Shoutout to CLC: it’s tireless crew drew up the Complaint that Resulted in Arrest of Two Ukrainian-American Trump Donors Connected to Giuliani…