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iPhone : Anti-Ukrainian plan presented in Munich benefits Poroshenko, too . Surprisingly enough, it is the former president of Ukraine who gets the main political benefit from a failed attempt of retired politicians to prepare 12-steps plan kyivpost.com/article/opinio…

iPhone : . Leshchenko: "Surprisingly enough, it is the former president of Ukraine who gets the main political benefit from a failed attempt of retired politicians to think about peace between #Ukraine and #Russia." buff.ly/2V6bOFd

Twitter Web App : Who benefitted from the controversial "12 Steps" toward peace in #Ukraine unveiled at the Munich Security Conference? Former President Petro Poroshenko, writes Leshchenko. kyivpost.com/article/opinio…

Twitter Web App : . Leshchenko: "At the end of the day, neither the Ukrainian government, nor the opposition, nor Poroshenko is offering their own scenario to end the war. And that is why the vacuum is being filled by everyone else, but not by the Ukrainians themselves." buff.ly/2T1KGoh

Twitter Web App : This whole story with Parnas proves once again: If the authorities have the political will to fight corruption, it can be done quickly and efficiently. This American principle should be an example for Ukraine to follow. kyivpost.com/article/opinio…

Twitter Web App : We see now “Ukrainianization” of U.S. politics. Parnas submitted his WhatsApp messages to Congress. His exchanges with Interior Minister Arsen Avakov shows that conspiracy included not only interest of US President, but also shady Ukrainian businessmen.

Twitter Web App : . Leshchenko: "Every day brings even more proof that political and business interests are deeply integrated into #US- #Ukraine relations. And it seems like we have never seen such frankness in international politics before." buff.ly/2tdI9hF

Twitter Web App : Убрать Зеленского! Сговор Тимошенко и Медведчука

Twitter Web App : Аваков подставит Зеленского - его сливают?

Twitter Web App : Agreed. Ukrainians were exposing real corruption IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY (Leshchenko )and defending Ukrainian sovereignty (Ukr Ambo to US in oped), not seeking to influence the outcome of our election. (& you don't publish an oped in the Hill to influence American voters!) twitter.com/joshtpm/status…

Twitter Web App : На фото - вілла Les Cèdres на Лазурному березі. Її вартість - 200 млн євро. І ось стало відомо, що власником вілли, яку називають Найдорожчим будинком на Землі, став Рінат Ахметов. Олігарх, який сколотив статки в найбіднішій країні Європи, купує найдорожчий будинок на планеті.

iPhone : Here’s the “I don’t know him at all, don’t know what he’s about, don’t know where he comes from, know nothing about him” guy, w Lev Parnas & Roman Nasirov, former head of Ukrainian Fiscal Service, at Mar-a-Lago 12/16. President Trump .Donald J. Trump Jim Acosta #LevRemembers #LetLevSpeak

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iPhone : Lutsenko had good reason to believe that Zelensky might react to Trump team pressure regarding Ukrainian personnel matters in a new government. Trump team succeeded in ending Leshchenko future in the new Zelensky government.

Twitter Web App : Луценко играет в сценарий Кремля в Украине. Кто еще? Leshchenko

Twitter Web App : sehr lesenswerter Hintergrund von Leshchenko zu Rudy Giulianis "Ukraine Aktion(en)". Passt schön zum weiterlesen nach den Recherchen von (((SebRei))) und mir auf Semiosisblog zu den Österreich und Schweiz Verbindungen: semiosis.at/2019/12/19/was… twitter.com/Leshchenkos/st…