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iPhone : Why are people accepting Cummings’ narrative that he public is angry at Parliament? If anything, polling suggests the public is angry at the government

Twitter Web App : Im helping Breast Cancer Now prepare for #wearitpink because it helps fund vital research and support. If you’re hosting an event for #wearitpink on the 19th Oct please let me know and I’ll try to attend


iPhone : My contribution following last night’s shameful session.👇🏼

The PM bears the greatest responsibility for what he says and inspires. Beyond disappointing he didn’t show up today.

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Twitter Web App : The latest On The House podcast is here - Dr Phillip Lee MP and I were joined by Owen Bennett to discuss all the latest goings on including the courts and prorogation, what happens when people running the system try to smash it & life in the Lib Dems.

Android : What type of message is our current Prime Minister sending to our children and young people? This is not an appropriate way to set an example.…

Android : Just been called a traitor and shouted at by 3 blokes standing outside Parliament. I was polite and gracious in reply, it doesn’t bother me because I know it’s not true. But, it’s not ok is it? This is not about Brexit now, it’s about whether or not we’re decent country...

TweetDeck : Im honoured to have been elected as chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with India.

Ill be leading a small group of MEPs to drive and enhance EU relations with India on all issues from trade to improving political dialogue.
#India #EuropeanParliament

iPhone : From our advisory board member Sonia Sodha:

Without tackling the structural inequalities for low-skilled workers, a reduced working week will just help the well off.…

Twitter Web App : Cameron Fails (as usual) to acknowledge that Same sex marriage was my initiative - a LibDem initiative - which he supported. He’s desperate

iPhone : Today a group of us (across parties & Brexit views) launch a new award for Civility in Politics. It wont change the world, but we hope it will shine a light on those who argue their cause with decency & engage across divides. Please RT & send nominations

iPhone : The most terrifying thing is that she may well be right. Our country’s future is being manipulated by, and for the benefit of, a small number of the super-rich. Hedge fund managers like Rees-Mogg who hate EU plans to tackle tax dodging. Many Brexit Party MEPs are the same.…

iPhone : We’ve come from Yorkshire just to say...🎶

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Twitter Web App : This is so upsetting Jim Cornelius🇪🇺🇬🇧 🇮🇪🔶. Im very sorry.

The government incites hatred & division with its poisonous rhetoric. Then citizens are attacked with bricks bearing the words of the Prime Minister: traitor

My family is German. I know what this is. This is how it starts.…