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Bio Part of the #Resistance & blocked by his Highness, Mike Huckabee. 😂 #MotherOfMastiffs #PissedOff #2ndCivilWarVet #IVoteBlueNoMatterWho
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Android : HELP this family in need. They need help to replace their vehicle. The goal is low, but if you can help, we can change their lives!
If you don't have $ to donate Please SHARE 💛 #TwitterPhilanthropy
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Android : Donald J. Trump Well those polls couldn't account for your Russian buddies making sure you won. I hope the polls out about you now are making you worry. You must be if the GOP is shutting down primaries. They know you can't beat a GOP candidate. Many GOP voters don't want you.

Android : The North Carolina state Republican politicians just took health care from half a million citizens of their state after lying and saying there would be no vote at 8:30 this morning, so Democratic lawmakers could attend a 9/11 memorial. They cheated & held the vote hurting people.

Android : Holly Figueroa OReilly And she sat right there next to him. If my husband had said that, I'd have corrected him. She doesn't care though. She only stays for the money & probably had her son as a way to ensure staying in the US & to keep her tied to him & his matter what.

Android : Insults Hindus, talks of conversion, glorifies Burhan, calls genocide of Hindus as ‘migration’, this woman is a real peach. ⁦NPR⁩ must sack her.…

Android : Mr. Bob Dobalina NowThis It isn't a game. A game is something played where people know the rules & abide by them. This is despicable behavior to use 9/11 & telling Dems there will be no votes today but tell GOP to secretly show up to vote. Every time I think they hit rock bottom...🤬

Android : North Carolina Republicans held a corrupt vote today while the Democrats were at a 9/11 ceremony.

What do you expect, when the leader of the Republican Party commemorated 9/11 by inviting Taliban terrorists to hang out at Camp David.

Android : Dear America,
Today is the day to remember that 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
it’s been 18 years since the kingdom, not only went unpunished, But is responsible for Yemen carnage & #Khashoggi’s brutal slaughter.…