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Android : Don't think they'll be around for much longer Anna soubry is toxic surprised chuka stayed for as long as he did 😖😖😖😖…

Android : On this day in 1982, British forces liberated the Falkland Islands following an invasion from Argentina.

We will never ever forget the sacrifices that were made there. We will always be proud of our servicemen and women.


Android : All those that say we should delay [Brexit], risk doing terminal damage to trust in politics – we’ve got to be out by October 31st

The Conservative Leadership candidate Boris Johnson breaks his silence and talks to @BBCWorldatone

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Android : Main stream media's talk about stopping Boris, well there are 10's of millions of ordinary people who want Boris Johnson.…

Android : Jeremy corbyn enables antisemitism throughout his Labour that way he keeps his hands clean. He has sat down with &supported terrorist who have killed & maimed children as well as adults & anyone who supports him in the Labour party needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.…

Android : Rory Stewart will not be bringing down Boris Johnson he will be bringing the whole conservative party because 10's of millions of ordinary people would only vote for Boris Johnson. Conservatives…

Android : I don't agree with Philip Hammond's comment that it is 'impossible' to leave the EU on 31st Oct. With respect to the present Chancellor, he has sounded that message of doom from day one. #ProjectFear #Brexit #StandUp4Brexit…

Android : Look at what Boris Johnson did in London, listen to what he will do for our country. #BackBoris

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