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Twitter Web Client : We hope everyone had a beautiful Easter break, we are back in the office and we look forward to embrace all security challenges/solutions.

Check out this secured and guaranteed electric fence at our store.

We sell, We Install, We maintain.

#mitobisecurity #electricfencing

Twitter Web Client : Mitobi Security Services is a major dealer in #HiLook Products in Nigeria. The product is so unique that it works with HD and AHD DVR seamlessly with
very good clarity.

#hilook #CCTV #surveillancecamera #surveillancesystem #DVR #NVR #remoteview #cloudbasedsystem #mitobisecurity

Twitter Web Client : Often time, it is better to be proactive than reactive especially when it comes to #fire. It will save a lot of stress, ache and expenses if we eliminate problems before they appear than respond after theyve happened.

#firealarmsystem #smokedetector #gasdetector #burglaryalarm

Twitter Web Client : Imagine how good it is to get notification on your phone that a visitor is at your door while at work or anywhere else.

More interesting is that you can watch and speak with the guest and give instructions via the phone.

Motion sensor, Two way audio,Cloud recording

Twitter Web Client : Sometimes you are all youve got and the next move you make in half a second determines whether you live or die, that was the fate of the woman in the surveillance footage. But hey! she survived.

#surveillancefootage #CCTV #techy #blackandwhitefootage #survival #mitobisecurity

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Twitter Web Client : We are all about technicality and professionalism.

We provide solution to all technical problems with regards security.

Site Installation: Outdoor Camera/ Control room display.

#Mitobisecurityservices #cctv #technology #solutionwithoutstring #mitobicctv #PortHarcourtoffice

Twitter Web Client : Imagine using a light bulb to monitor your home, amazing right?

So you can remotely view your Room, Kitchen, Children, Domestic helps, Stairway and more from your phone anywhere you are in the world with this beautiful Wifi bulb Camera.

#networkcamera #bulbcamera #Wifi #mitobi

Twitter Web Client : Even with the cheapest CCTV Camera in our store,
you can get a very clear view on all angles.

We leave no blind spot

We survey, we sell, we install, we maintain.

Your safety is our priority.

Call: 08033133950

#mitobicctv #surveillance #securityservices #hilook #hikvision

Twitter Web Client : This can be used by #Security officers at the Estate gate, Church entrance, Office building, School gate and many more.

Tell someone to tell another, we deal with everything security.

Your safety is our priority.

#mitobi #securitymeasures #undervehiclesearchmirror #Solutions

Twitter Web Client : Have you seen the latest cloud base Time/Attendance system?

It does more than tracking when employees come and go, it instantly transfers data into software that imports it into the companies payroll solution.

Give real-time data on who is working and who is not

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Twitter Web Client : This could have been deadly.

She pushed her friend and she almost got ran over by the bus.

What would you do if you got pushed like this?

#caughtoncamera #mitobiltd #wedsvideoseries #cctv #surveillance #surveillancefootage #security #safety

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Twitter Web Client : The reason some people visit your store is to shop lift and not to buy
Do you experience loss or missing valuables in your boutiques, offices and supermarkets?
Well, now is the time to prevent such, because with our EAS system you are ultimately protected.

#tech #CCTV #security