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Evil-Lyn Manuel Miranda

Bio Current gigs: In The Heights Movie, The Little Mermaid, FLS Broadway, Vivo, His Dark Materials, Tick, Tick...Boom! Duck Tales, Rita Moreno doc, wait come back-
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iPhone : I’ve spent half my life watching these guys! Isn’t that wild? I don’t think there’s anything I’ve been as dedicated to for as long, other than maybe poetry. Tonight I laughed so hard, I cried. The greatest gift is to have your heroes be your homies & your homies be your heroes.💛

iPhone : #FreestyleLoveSupreme #OpeningNight

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Twitter Web App : Think about what you’ve experienced and achieved this year—then imagine the open-mouthed expression on some earlier version of yourself at seeing it all. Day by day, prove the grating voice inside you wrong—the one that says you can’t do it. You’re doing it. Keep moving.

iPhone : I was answering emails at my desk and when I turned around,
a gorilla was holding an armadillo.
My son had Pride Rocked my office. Again.

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