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Android : Despite all the headlines that have shamed other schools & forced them to walk back their lunch payment policies and or created funds to pay off lunch debt, schools keep pulling this 🐂💩.

I thought school was supposed to be about learning. How can it be when admins don't learn?…

Android : This is the way trump feels about reporters! No help from trump admin, BS! Times Publisher: Trump Administration Was Going to Let Journalist Get Arrested in Egypt… via The Daily Beast

Android : What will tomorrow bring? Is Trump going to deuce on the White House floor? Will anyone give Matt Gaetz a ride to work? Will Gym Jordan show up in his wrestling gear covered in oil and smelling like bourbon?

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Android : 🤦🏻‍♀️so freaking embarrassing... does he have something against Chile?🙅🏻‍♀️…

Android : Trump said he canceled his trip to Poland commemorating World War II so he could closely monitor Hurricane Dorian. He spent the weekend golfing.

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Android : The Climate Change Denier in Chief wants a Nobel Peace Prize, but his admin has overturned almost all of Obama's environmental policies, and left the #ClimateActionSummit after just 10 minutes.

In the words of Greta Thunberg:

Android : In the military and in Congress, I swore an oath to protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The House must move forward with impeachment. Read my full statement:

Android : 👀Watch 👀

The Russians are continuing in there interference in US. Rachel made me shiver w/this report tonight.

👩🏻 Maddow breaks down how Trump’s Ukraine scandal all links back to Manafort — and the mob 👩🏻…

Android : Angela Merkel, German Chancellor: Industrial nations are those that have caused global warming as we see it today. The developing countries are those that suffer most from this phenomenon.

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