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Android : Lisa Mei Crowley Thanks Lisa! 🥂
This was the second part in the "Q - Plan To Save The World Series" uploaded to my channel here. Important to learn how the media knew the masses would investigate if they remained silent on Q so had to come out en masse to discredit it.

Android : JUST IN: Father of 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died after being detained by the US Border Patrol says he has “no complaints” about her treatment, a Guatemalan consul says.

The father says agents did everything they possibly could to help his daughter, Jakelin Maquin - CNN

Android : Lisa Mei Crowley General Flynn) 's Twitter Profile">General Flynn I was born
in a cross-fire hurricane

I was drowned
I was washed up
& left for dead

But its all right now

in fact
its a gas

But its All Right
Im Jumpin Jack Flash

Its a gas, gas, gas

Thanks General Flynn) 's Twitter Profile">General Flynn

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Android : Fake news! Was with him all day yesterday, this is just more narrative pushing to tell a FAKE story. Problem is fewer reporters know what is going on because Donald J. Trump has figured out who the leakers are. Isolation is actually cleaning up the leaks.…

Android : President Trump on the ruling striking down the Affordable Care Act: “Lets say repeal and replace [was] handled a little bit differently, but it was a big, big victory.”

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Android : Finally more accurate coverage. Not just link baiting innuendos that fit some writers pocketbook and personal agenda.…

Android : I just adore our Commander-in-Chief...he took some time out on this grey, rainy day to visit Arlington National Cemetery for the annual Wreaths Across America event.

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Android : Don't forget, Bill Kristol is also the founder of Hamilton 68, which was responsible for trying to brand us all Russian bots. He was dismissing us as objectively not even human. Bill should be ostracized by both sides, & expelled from public life. See ya later, Trotskyist scum.…

Android : Lisa Mei Crowley Thank you for your excellent research journalism. So that others also get more insight in the world of Q! Therefore, for you a Christmas gift, from a grateful person. Merry Christmas, Lisa. All i want for Christmas is Q ,
a song dedicated to Melania Trump the lady of the light!

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