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Twitter for iPad : % who strongly agree their life has meaning

Conservative: 58%
Liberal: 39%

18-29 year olds: 36%
30-44: 39%
65+: 59%

Black Americans: 57%
White Americans: 45%
Hispanic Americans: 43%
Asian Americans: 30%…

Twitter for iPad : Yes, indeed Chris Tomlinson OLY✔️
MALE athlete wins.
Women’s #sport IS on the threshold of being ruined.
Look no further than #IOC IOC MEDIA Olympics executives.
They are promoting it!
Cycling merely complying.
Pray they suspend this madness in time for #Tokyo2020🙏

iPhone : "I know full well that this essay is likely to be met, in the upside-down culture of our time, with unhinged cries of “intolerance”.That charge is true, insofar as I’m utterly intolerant of dangerous,unmitigated stupidities that threaten Canadian women"…

iPhone : These interurban trams were part of a vast network that went out as far as Chilliwack. All taken down by 1950s. Vancouver's transit system has never fully recovered, while the population has grown much larger & spread out. #InfrastructureDeficit #cdnpoli…

Twitter Web App : 1/2 Meanwhile the 2013 McCreary survey reports 46% of girls in Grade 7 - 12 in North Vancouver say they have been verbally sexually harassed and 26% physically sexually harassed.…

Twitter for iPad : April Halley West Coast LEAF) 's Twitter Profile">West Coast LEAF That doesn’t mean West Coast LEAF) 's Twitter Profile">West Coast LEAF has to skip it. As is sadly the case this “women’s” organization has been taken over by those who prioritize the feelings of persons with penises over the lives, privacy and safety of females.

Twitter for iPad : West Coast LEAF doesn’t care that at least 40% of female inmates are Indigenous and being forced by the state to share facilities including cells with rapists and murderers with penis’s. MMIW is happening now and they fiddle. April Halley…

Twitter for iPad : Pride Toronto I'm getting tired of having to speak out against an LGBT group whenever it attacks a feminist woman.

I ran off and changed sex 20+ years ago. In those 20+ years I've watch what it means to be "trans" morph into some of the most woman-hating crap imaginable.

Twitter for iPad : a male has just set a female world best time in cycling. we're through the looking glass now lads. RIP womens sport.…

Twitter for iPad : There is very small group of women organizing the event at Toronto Public Library where Meghan Murphy is the guest speaker.
Is ANY Canadian media interested in their side of the story? In the threats against their lives? The cost? The fallout? The level of security needed?