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Twitter Web App : OMG! Its all an act folks... hes literally acting to try to duplicate Obama for a win... There is nothing real or organic here, in fact its like a scary movie. twitter.com/realPowerTie/s…

Android : Among the worst things that Americans could ever do is trade their liberty to the federal govt for the pretense of environmental security. If Americans do that, they will inevitably find themselves with both a loss of liberty and a very polluted nation.

Twitter Web App : (1) There are SEVERAL studies finding positive effects of private school choice - Paul Krugman said zero

(2) No difference does not mean government is better at running schools than the private sector. It means *no difference*

Twitter Web App : If youre fed up with the rise of Bernie-style democratic socialism, the infiltration of institutions by cultural Marxists, the lack of interest among so-called conservatives in protecting individual freedom against the left, then you have a home with the libertarian movement.

Twitter Web App : Doug E Cathy You’re right, “war crime” is a tautology, I should just say that I’m against foreign aggression.

But, I’m glad the US has found a way to give themselves a set of rules that allow for them to do what no ordinary citizen could do themselces.

iPhone : We Should Teach Our Children To Be Capable Of Violence thelibertarianrepublic.com/we-should-teac… #news via @thelibrepublic

iPhone : Cincinnati #Reds outfielder Paul ONeill makes an all-time classic play when he kicks the baseball back to first base! (1989) Happy 57th Birthday Paul! #MLB #History

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Android : With mounting fear among the Democratic establishment that the self-described democratic socialist is on the verge of gaining a significant lead, several candidates are resorting to a last ditch effort to stop Bernie Sanders.


Twitter Web Client : Pawsitive news of the day.

For nearly a decade, Stewart, 49, has volunteered on his own dime to help pets of the homeless in California.

Good human

Meet the veterinarian who gives free medical care to pets of the homeless today.com/pets/street-ve… via TODAY

RT News Sharing : Irans deputy health minister tests positive for coronavirus - Reuters citing local media rt.com/news/481638-ir…

Twitter Web App : A Muslim voting for a Jew 🕊 Eric July Government is not the most efficient way to construct roads. It is a monopolizing enterprise. It actively stifles competition. Competition drives down prices and improves quality. If the state can just subsidize costs via theft, it has no incentive to do either of these things.

Android : Mr House I can at least say that if you suspect a divorce, you have to do a full depreciation in advance based on the accounting principle of caution.

If you suspect no such thing, best estimate of how long she may live, divide by years, and depreciate linearly on an annual basis.

iPhone : 66 followers away from 1500 followers 😳. S/o to all the original ‘Louisville Libertarian’ followers who were around before I switched to a non-anonymous personal account, y’all the real MVPs

Twitter Web Client : K9 Dobies has got a lot to say today! 😆💚

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Twitter Web App : Bad news everyone! I am leaving the platform until June due to a significant drop in my grades and a few personal issues I am struggling with. See you all once Im employed and have earned my High School Degree!

iPhone : Britney Morgan Youre* 🇺🇸 Eliza Mason Poo McWee Zach Jasmine Bown Basic Bitch Mike Shutthefuckupalready Blinky McBlinksalot memento mori Hel Herself SweetBaby Jane 💋🎶🙏 Again you’re taking her out of context, and I don’t have the fucking will to keep doing this with you. She’s also made it very clear IN THIS THREAD she’s speaking about spoken consent, and she wasn’t pleasant after being dog piled by a bunch of people keen on misinterpretation

Twitter Web App : kimberly Aaron Rupar George Conway A schizophrenic man living with his mother is used as a tool to blame right wing political parties in Germany for the rise of violent attacks.
Even though in the past few years terrorist attacks etc. caused by the bad policies of the current government is the actual culprit.

Twitter for iPad : Have authorities been asked if his thumb drive was still around his neck? twitter.com/KerryPicket/st…

Twitter Web App : The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress. -Murray Rothbard

Android : For the love of god UNMUTE THIS

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iPhone : Is U.S. health care expensive simply because Americans are rich and consume a lot?

Or is our system uniquely overpriced?

The debate continues: twitter.com/infotranecon/s…