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Twitter Web App : "You can't beat the British for just destroying food."

You're not wrong, Paul. Thank you.

On behalf of the British, she takes a bow. #RSC style.
#Lodge49 #LMarvinMetz twitter.com/Lodge49/status…

Twitter Web App : AMC’s Lodge 49 is one of TV’s very best shows and sort of the opposite of Succession.

If the network doesn’t renew it for a third season, it will be very sad indeed, Emily The Yam VanDerWerff writes. vox.com/culture/2019/1…

Twitter Web App : Did you know there is a Lynx Lodge 49 member website? (& you don't even have to be a member to check it out!)
Scott's song, Blaise's meditation, Dudley guac recipe, Big Ben's car tips, valiant deeds, glittering scholarship, avatars, & much more 🍻🍩🌊✨

Twitter Web App : ATTN LYNX: Something nice to read with your coffee and donuts. If you haven't already, knock on the doors of @lodge49. S1 on hulu, S2 on AMC. #lodge49 twitter.com/voxdotcom/stat…

iPhone : ATTN LYNX: Here’s footage of a local describing what it’s like to watch an episode of Lodge 49. What beautiful and haunting words would you use to describe YOUR experience? S1 on hulu, S2 on AMC. Spread the word and get pitted! #lodge49 #barrels

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Twitter Web App : i can tell none of you watch lodge 49 because i had to make this myself pic.twitter.com/0QvgVUY3PM

Twitter Web App : Lodge 49 “My day? My day was great. I really feel like the work I’m doing is having a positive impact in the community.”

Twitter VIT App for iOS : Well! This was weirdly enjoyable! Thank you! Sorry I couldn’t answer all the questions!!! But this was a blast! #AskPaul

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Twitter VIT App for iOS : Q: What was it about Lodge 49 that convinced our to sign on as executive producer? #askpaul
- 🗣


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Twitter VIT App for iOS : Q: #AskPaul Were the writers aware that Aleister Crowley, a western esoterica & shadowy secret society guy himself, supposedly had a vision similar to Duds when he was down in the Orbis sewer witnessing the star field? If so, was it a deliberate parallel? Thx so…
- Mark Thom


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