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iPhone : #MeghanAndHarry #MeghanMarkle

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iPhone : This video brings me tears of happiness.


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iPhone : The Republican Party is more united than Ive ever seen it before. We are working as one to move America forward!

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iPhone : Look a room full of rabbits? #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide

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iPhone : 14. Finally lets hear it from the IPOT political analysts.
A bit archaic, but they get the job done.

(video sped up for upload.)

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iPhone : 13. I havent covered them all, but hopefully this will help you in your decision process.😁
But if youre not voting for Trump, dont do it because hes a racist.

Thats been debunked.

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iPhone : Sing baby shark over this!😂🤣

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iPhone : There will never come a time when they say, "ok, we're good, we can stop." They will add more and more in order to more and more perfect the world until they end up crushing the very life out of the system they aimed to reform through the sheer weight of their well-intended but

iPhone : History can show us example after example where utopianism ends. Because utopia
cannot be achieved, and there is always some other perceived wrong which needs to be righted, it ends when the system they inhabit literally grinds to a halt.

iPhone : Those guys are much more dangerous than any oligarch, because where does it end? There will always be some damn thing or another that needs to be perfected, requiring literally unending and ever increasing governmental micromanagement and regulation. Where does it end indeed...…

iPhone : Doug Collins: House Democratic leaders remark about letting Trump prove innocence should alarm Americans #TheMoreYouKnow…

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