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iPhone : The left need to be bought to heel & put back in their box by a strong right wing leader - Itโ€™s been done before by Mrs T. As Ronald Reagan once said, โ€œIf fascism ever reaches the shores of America, it will come in the form of liberalismโ€โ€ฆ

iPhone : Itโ€™s time to restore what the true right wing stands for;
1. Small state
2. Freedom of choice
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Lower taxes
5. Empowering the individual
6. Law & order
7. Secure borders
8. Pro forces
9. Pro house ownership
10. Promoting the UKโ€™s proud history & achievements

iPhone : This woman is deranged and dangerous and weโ€™ve had 9 long years of her wrecking this country either as Home Secretary, or Prime Minister! Be gone May, be gone!

Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told - Telegraphโ€ฆ

iPhone : Many children are very unfortunate in having bone idle parents, whoโ€™ve been conned into believing the state will provide all including; wide screen TVs, the latest iPhone, designer clothes, cigarettes & booze! These dimwits should prioritise & stop hanging around for goody bags!โ€ฆ

iPhone : The next Prime Minister shouldnโ€™t be chosen by dangerous mentally insane ideologues and the only way to ensure this, is to rid the Labour Party of YOU and your communist cabal, expel the antisemites and return the Labour Party to the ordinary decent working people who built it!โ€ฆ

iPhone : There is a 6th task he must carry out within hours of him taking up office at No.10. That is to make a public announcement that we already left the EU on Friday 29th March at 11pm.

He must also explain that the previous admin made a series of errors re Art.50 extension.โ€ฆ

iPhone : Mike Graham ๐Ÿพ Thursdayโ€™s podcast was fantastic, with Piers Corbyn & Rod Liddle both speaking a lot of sense! Piers has really got the measure of this rancid social terror group Ex R and Rod as always, had a measured dispassionate political appraisal, absolutely nailing tbe other Corbyn