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iPhone : Maggie Winter pam3030 A very real prospect I would have thought. The Labour Marxists have their own agenda and bollocks to their voters. Treating them with contempt comes with consequences.

Twitter Web App : Brexiteers...there is a new Twitter account pretending to be Dominic Cummings...just look at the account header carefully and what is written on it?

Dominic Cummings

iPhone : Is Jeremy for real. Is he suggesting we don’t foster a good relationship with the leader of our biggest market outside the EU!’? The leader of the country who helped preserve our freedom sovereignty and democracy in WW2. Who exactly does he represent? Not ME! #StandUp4Democracy…

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson meets Donald Trump for the first time since becoming PM and they get on like a house on fire... After Maybots permanent skies of grey its nice to see sunshine and blue skies Daily Mail Online

Twitter Web Client : Who is this has-been? Does anyone care? He can join Blair and Heseltine on BBC sofas that no one cares about anymore.…

iPhone : Those Remain MPs and EU politicians who tell us the UK has to choose between being a colony of the EU or of the USA are wrong. We voted to be an independent country like many others who do not belong to the EU. We will trade with both the EU and the USA, with or without an FTA.

Android : Beautiful scene🐳🐬

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Twitter Web App : Bonnie-Lad Just this - the Slavery that Khan and society do not wish to talk about.....Muslims took many European slaves -
1.25 million Europeans were enslaved by Barbary corsairs , and their lives were just as pitiful as their African counterparts.……

Twitter Web App : Imagine, as a leave voter, going down in history as Mr No Deal

This is ultimate hero status in terms of Brexit

Youd get buried in Westminster Abbey…

iPhone : Boris threatens EU and raises election stakes
What About Getting Our £3Billion Back From The Bank Bailout Fund? We Don’t Want To Remain Responsible!
Did The Fund Help Us With RBS Etc…

Twitter Web App : ....bad Economic times, the worse the better, anything to make my Election more difficult to win. Well, we are having very good meetings, the Leaders are getting along very well, and our Country, economically, is doing great - the talk of the world!

Twitter Web App : LordBrexit I do agree. And I do feel aggrieved that the rainbow has been commandeered like this. It used to symbolise so much more that was precious

Twitter Web App : HelenK Hi Helen - am still on hols, but will be back here full-time on Monday. Was having a Hard-Right lurk on my home page earlier today (while my Far-Right GFs back was turned) and saw that youd lost your followers, so decided to viciously re-follow you. See you soon!

iPhone : TW Cayton Channel 4 Right wing Governments don’t: expand min wage laws, preside over gargantuan increases in migration, go soft on crime and justice, or increase the national debt. The moderate left/centre/moderate right, are characterised by people who all look, talk and act the same

Twitter for iPad : Bosses of leading UK charities including RSPCA, Macmillan Cancer Support and Guide Dogs pocketed five-figure pay rises last year…

Android : Good morning.
No, not really back as such.
Just saw this animal story which had a very happy ending.
I love animal stories with happy endings.

Android : The EU is a paper tiger. It’s unelected, overpaid leaders like Tusk are non-entities who strut around arrogantly. But the reality is that the EU faces massive problems. They can’t afford a disruptive Brexit. We need to keep the pressure on.…

Twitter Web App : Legendary Soviet Dissident: We Need to Put Communism on Trial… via @epochtimes

iPhone : Guido Acasa Angela Duncan the creative mathematics & narratives of your vehicle hating Government experts that conveniently create their own narratives some say for the gullible & the stupid funded by they taxpayer of course

Twitter Web App : Burkina Faso: Muslims targeting Christians, killing anyone wearing a cross, crucifix, or some other Christian image

iPhone : Christian Zionists, much like religious Zionist extremists in Israel, believe that the Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock must be replaced with a Third Jewish Temple in order to usher in the end times.…

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff.

iPhone : Advertising definitely helps drive a brands reach, but social engagement and invitations for dialogue are essential for building trust—and this is what can ultimately inspire consumers to make purchases.

iPhone : 16) Ve... Akıp giden yıllar içinde şunu öğrendim...


iPhone : Sadiq Khan has doubled his PR budget to £2.4 million, has doubled the culture budget to an eye watering £25 million & his car free day will cost another £1 million. People are dying & Khan has chosen to squander money that could be used for police officers on virtue signalling!

iPhone : Christianity recognizes the omnipresence of human evil.

That is why Christians resist political power.

Socialists and communists believe that human beings are perfectable.

That is why they expand political power.

In light of history, which view is more accurate?

Android : Never play any game against someone who has no intention of abiding by the result. Unless, of course, they win.

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Android : Considering the UK like Australia have only six Coal powered plants. The UKS climate emergency seems pretty pointless doesnt it?