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iPhone : Not all young people voted Remain. Contrary to popular belief, many are staunch Eurosceptics.

Check out this free event in Millbank, London tomorrow evening.…

Twitter Web App : My mother saw you on TV the other day and thought shed inform me that you talk a lot of sense...she totally agrees with you and you have her vote over Boris! I was stunned as shes backed Boris till then. By the way shes a staunch conservative and at 80 its a massive change.…

Twitter for iPad : “They want to have a change of government without an election...

“Every coup from Bonaparte onwards maintains the outward form of having some parliamentary vote to endorse it. The reality is, we are talking here about democracy Dodgers.” Daniel Hannan

#CPC19 #StandUp4Brexit

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Twitter Web App : The_Dogz_Bollocks #BrexitParty My view entirely. Plastic waste in this country should be burned in order to generate electricity (this is already done to a small extent, I gather), rather than recycling it, which to all intents and purposes means sending it to a country which then dumps it into the sea.

iPhone : When I was dealing with the Labour led DWP in 2006, Fruad/Error was running at £3B/year. NHS IT failures presented a bill to the taxpayer of at least £8B, and that’s before we get into the PFI debt debacle. Gov isn’t very good at effective spending of taxpayers money..…

Twitter Web App : Mike Collins No matter what religion, race or political party they are people should respect the young men and women who gave their lives to defend our country Mike. We know many people now, particularly Corbynites, would not defend their nation but they should remember those who did.

iPhone : This brings up some good points -Can Boris Johnson rescue a Brexit deal in just five days? Robert Peston asks…

Android : School age protestors shot with live round during protests against Chinese repression.

Brave work by whomever is behind this footage #China70years

Plse support Hong Kong Free Press

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iPhone : Yet another example of the tolerant left....... inflammatory, nasty, bitter, toxic and petulant little man.…

iPhone : So this is a poster that the Green Party have up at Sussex university freshers fair. No wonder the youth are brainwashed. Disgraceful from the useless Green Party. How immature of a political party to act like this. Scum. Lionheart #BackBoris 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

Twitter Web App : The Core Not Australian sky news. They are pro Brexit. Watch it. They are reporting it the way we should be reporting it here. Our country has been taken over. Watch Australian Sky news, its the antidote to the BBC.

Twitter Web App : Owen doesnt get that millions now dont trust remainer MPs to deliver a GE any time soon, as they dont seem to care what we want. While a remainer temporary government exists with no mandate, it certainly wont help JC win a GE if hes at the helm.…

Twitter Web App : Odious and typical of the left. This is our potential education secretary. If it wasnt so serious you would die laughing!…

Twitter Web App : Could I see photos of Tories protesting outside Labours conference in Brighton saying they are not welcome please? Thought not, Tories are democratic, Socialists are Communists

iPhone : Ive just found out that KFC serves Halal chicken!!🤢🤮Thank the lord I have never eaten KFC.....But, if you do...Think again!

Android : Inappropriate language...Whats the difference between national unity and surrender ??? Both inflammatory to the other side ??…

Twitter Web App : Jess Phillips on BBC this morning, Ill temper my language, I wish Boris would temper his.
So if Boris stops saying humbug Jess will stop threatening to knife people.

Android : Robert Buckland QC MP Please be clear, who will decide the most serious cases? Just keep it simple, every offender serves all their sentence, the sentence is extended if they misbehave. No normal person would object to this, you are pandering to the bleeding heart liberals.