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Twitter Web App : With #Yellowhammer debunked as quickly as it appeared, the remain argument has turned to dust. Even Juncker admits that Britain doesn’t need the EU. It’s over! 🇬🇧

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Android : Good.
We dont need garbage like this on our streets.
He made his choice.
Jihadi Jack: ISIS terrorist stripped of UK passport as Justin Trudeau goes berserk

Twitter Web App : It’s the end of the line for apathetic, vanquished and resigned Remain…

iPhone : Nigel Farages instant reaction to the leaked Operation Yellowhammer report was to brand it an Olly Robbins special, which is so extreme in terms of its scaremongering its not believable, at all.

Nigel Farage | #Brexit

Twitter Web App : If you only have 6mins spare today, this is well worth a watch
....Germany’s Alice Weidel telling the EU exactly what she thinks of their despicable treatment of Britain & how important we are to the EU

Our media dont show us this, via YouTube

Twitter Web App : LordBrexit Darwin’s theory of evolution is a complete myth, genetics now prove that it’s basically impossible to evolve from another species. The Earth as a limitless time scale and ever 150,000 years it seems to recycle its self.

iPhone : Germany expects No Deal and will not renegotiate, says leaked briefing… Bye bye EU, EU bye bye 🎵🎵🎵

Twitter for iPad : An Gof Stella Rimbaud Yawn. Take one element of my original tweet, and give me something concise, objective and independent. If you can’t - which I don’t think you can - that’s fine, just tell to read so books/browse Google 😂

Twitter Web App : Carol Husband What a cocky, self righteous man. How could he ever have been elected to run anything but a small drama class!! Such a huge mess!!
76 days, 7 hours, 13 minutes, 42 seconds to suffer!! #LiberalsMustGo

Android : The Shared Prosperity Fund will replace the EUs Structural Funds (OUR Money given back to us)

Last wk Boris launched SPF & pledged to respect devolution & reduce inequality btw communities in the UK

Westminster regain control over this money 31/11…

Android : If l were predicting where the Third Reich was heading in 1930s, or Karl Marx communism, l could only project my theories into the future

But people did, as Orwells 1984 dystopean nightmare which mirrored USSR.
The EU does not yet have totalitarean powers but seeks them.

iPhone : Please RT if you are sick of left wing remainiac bed wetters drumming up no deal hysteria with yesterday’s fake news.…

Twitter for iPad : Written by remainers for Project Fear.…

iPhone : I had to search for this. Why is #Kabul not trending? #Shia muslims don’t matter? This is horrific, the suicide bomber, the deaths, the hate, the silence...#KabulBleeds #ISIS claims responsibility.…

iPhone : Who do you think you are kidding Jeremy Corbyn?

Corbyn once told us “people like us do not want to live in a European empire of the 21st century.”

But now, he says, that’s exactly what he plans for us to do. Labour will “campaign to remain.”

#Brexit #BrexitParty Ajay Jagota 🏃‍♂️

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Twitter for iPad : SuaveCris Owen Jones🌹 That’s exactly the point.

52% of this country have been painted as idiots or extremists by the anti democrats but we are actually just the quiet civilised majority and we do not condone violence.

Twitter Web App : Bercow is a 5 6 little turd, and should be sacked…

iPhone : Owen Jones trying to find acceptance amongst a political tribe.

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Twitter Web App : Best TV Shows UK/Scotland I watch 📺

Peaky Blinders
Still Game
Scot Squad
Gentleman Jack
River City
Line of Duty
Killing Eve
Doctor Foster
Life on Mars
The Last Kingdom
Ashes to Ashes
Midsomer Murders
Happy Valley
Father Brown
Foyles War

Twitter Web App : in 20 days, the sm3 rose is gonna be glowing in the middle of this stadium and shawn will play to over 53000 people with everyone screaming his lyrics back to him i-